“Not amused by the debate inside the TCDSB” 

di corriere canadese del 6 November 2020

Premier Doug Ford:
Minister Stephen Lecce:
Trustees : Joseph Martino,Angela Kennedy Nancy Crawford, Ida Li Preti, Markus de Domenico, Teresa Lubinski, Frank D'Amico, Michael Del Grande, Garry Tanuan, Norm Di Pasquale, Daniel Di Giorgio, Maria Rizzo
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Re: Your interference with the Constitution
This is further to the Corriere Canadese’s chapter and verse reporting:
• Section 93 in the BNA Act removes any and all of you from any discussion concerning the “values” of the TCDSB.
• The Constitution protects TCDSB children from political or any other “agendas”. Only the Cardinal has the constitutional authority to mandate a moral, scriptural, or human relationship course of action. This authority is a pillar of Confederation. It is not to be trifled with.
• Until such time as the Cardinal speaks, would you please stop living under the illusion that your personal agendas trump either the supreme law of the land or the Cardinal.
• If the Cardinal believes that silence is the proper course, then so be it. However, his silence is not your license.
• Rather than punish Mike Del Grande for recognizing lawful authority perhaps you should consider following his obedience to the law.
In the previous century, I attended St Vincent de Paul elementary and Loretto Abbey. I’m sure that the good Sisters would not be amused by this debate.

Respectfully yours, Lily Boraks BA, BSW, MSW, CELT

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