New legislation, our politicians have been too spineless and opportunistic

di corriere canadese del 17 July 2019

The Corriere Canadese editorial (July 12) “Il Film ’Inaspettato’, una reazione emotiva” (The movie "Unplanned," an emotional outpouring") by the editor Joe Volpe is based on feelings, not the film to which he refers. He has nothing to factually say about the movie, except that it deals with abortion in an exaggerated emotional manner. Fine, Volpe is entitled to his opinion.

However, the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989 did not rule as Volpe claims that abortion is a medical procedure. The court struck down the abortion law as unconstitutional. That’s it. As a result, a pregnant woman in Canada can have an abortion at any time during the baby’s development, and we the taxpayers through Canada Health pay for the procedure. Abortion is a devise political, moral, medical and legal question because it’s the taking of a human life. It’s not merely an emotional issue.

In Canada, the child is not a person until the baby comes out of the womb. Therefore, the unborn baby can be killed in the womb and in some cases left to die even after birth. What Canada needs is new legislation on abortion but our politicians have been too spineless and opportunistic to do so.

Volpe believes, that because 3,000,000 abortions (his numbers) have been done and some 1.2 billion spent to do them in Canada since 1989, the issue is settled, a view shared by the current Liberal government. So, why bother with a movie that raises once again the question of abortion in the public square? How does anyone dare try to undo 30 years of legislation that first has permitted abortion?

The answer to the questions posed by the editorial can only be found through freedom of speech and the democratic process. Volpe surely knows that, but instead he chooses to trivialize the position of those that oppose abortion to an over indulgence of feelings. He doesn’t even bother to consider the pro-life argument. And while the title of the column names the movie Unplanned, Volpe has little to say about the film because he has taken the pro-death side from the start.

Volpe might at least have taken the time to consider the true story on which the film is based: a young Planned Parenthood director Abbey Johnson who experiences a dramatic change of heart. She goes from being pro-choice to pro-life. But this fact gets in the way of those who see abortion as a done deal, an issue that should even be censored. However, human life at every stage deserves respect and much more serious attention than the label of “Hysteria and Hyperbole.”
Best wishes,
Lou Iacobelli

Dear Mr Iacobelli:

Thank you for taking the trouble to write. The Corriere values the expressions of public opinion.
You are right: the piece is not on Unplanned, is not about the movie, but about the responses to the themes that it has elicited. I hesitate to comment in response because I run the risk of being a critic of my own work. The piece speaks for itself.

Where else in in today’s mainstream Press and Media World would you have read the statistics and dollar values one reads in the article? These are the outcomes of the Supreme Court decision. Where would you have read my personal stance on the matters at hand? The Corriere is pleased to stimulate the discussions on the attendant legal, economic, social and moral issues.

If anything, others have attributed the refence to hysteria and hyperbole to those whose pro-choice position would seem weakened by “official” indifference to the data, little as it is, provided by the Corriere. Continue writing.

The Honourable Joe Volpe,

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