Iacobelli: "Children are sadly bullied for many reasons"  

di corriere canadese del 16 September 2020

TORONTO - It's time to stop the lie that children are bullied merely because of their sexual orientation. Children are sadly bullied for many reasons. The research is readily available.

It's time for the Board to move on and deal with the real issues, some of which have been brought to us by the pandemic. However, the activists can't let go and continue to flog the lgbtq+ issue. Why isn't the Board ready to open? But they have time to address the virtue signalling topics of systemic racism, homophobia, uniforms and the fake "colonization" question.

A recent CityNews report features the idea that the Toronto Catholic District School Boars suffers from "systemic homophobia." There is no need for evidence for this claim, except that one activist teacher says so. CityNews accepts it without question. Nobody else is interviewed for the other side of the story. In this post, we are going to tell it.

On November 7, the Board voted to change the Code of Conduct to include gender identity and expression. Trustee Del Grande made a motion that to formally recognize gender fluidity could eventually lead to the acceptance of any perverted sexual orientation. He has been strongly criticized for it. However, Del Grande's argument is a valid one. After all, Catholic trustees are elected to defend Catholic education, not identity politics.

An independent investigation was done by a law firm and the findings were given to the Board. The Board then concluded that Del Grande wasn't in violation of the Code of Conduct.

Nevertheless, TCDSB activist teacher De Buono refuses to accept the verdict and has charged the Board with "systemic homophobia." He wants an apology from the trustee and the Board, even after the Board decided that there was no breach to the Code of Conduct.

The Chair of the Board Mr. Martino has released this statement about the issue: "The TCDSB is committed to creating inclusive learning environments and school communities that are safe and welcoming places for all, founded on Catholic principles of respect, inclusion, fairness, and social justice, in which every person is valued as a child of God."

But neither the Board's decision nor Martino's comment are good enough for De Buono. He is making up his own Christian criteria, his own ten commandments.

It is interesting that CityNews tells the story only from De Buono's point of view. Was he the one who brought the issue to the attention of CityNews? In fact, De Buono has also written a letter to the Minister of Education Stephen Lecce accusing the TCDSB of "systemic homophobia." He wants the Ministry to start another investigation of the Board.

What makes De Buono judge, jury and executioner? His job is to teach according to Catholic values. This is the main reason that parents send children to Catholic schools. What's his ultimate real agenda?

However, in his letter he doesn't mention his public statements which undermine and reject Catholic education. Perhaps the worst one is the questioning of the Education Act itself. He has Tweeted: "As a Catholic in Ontario, I can't believe that there's a legal duty of teachers (S. 264(1)(c) of the Education Act to 'inculcate by precept and example respect for religion and the principles of Judaeo- Christian morality.' "

Who gave De Buono the right to attack those principles founded on love of God, love of neighbour, love of reason, of justice, of honesty, of compassion, of generosity, of patience, of integrity, of truth, of beauty? If he so disagrees with these values, why force yourself to work in the Catholic school system? He has many other choices.

And furthermore, has he informed the parents of the children he teaches about his letter to the Ministry and his continued undermining of Catholic education?

We will be forwarding this message to all concerned parties and those who truly care about children and education.

Lou Iacobelli

* We tried to contact Paolo De Buono but, at the moment to go to press, there was no still received an answer
** The positions expressed in the text they don't necessarily reflect those of the Corriere Canadese

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