“Covid-19 took my mother: don’t take away her dignity”

di corriere canadese del 12 May 2020

Dear Publisher, my mother lived in Richview Manor the last three years.

Two months ago management informed us that residence were being placed in isolation. Given the current time we accept the decision as a proper step to keep the residence safe.

Two weeks ago we received information that a resident on the second floor tested positive to the virus. My mother’s room was also on the 2nd floor. All the residents on the second floor were subsequently tested for Covid.

On Monday my mother’s potassium level was higher then normal and her Kidney was deteriorating. A decision was made to send her to McKenzie Health. Upon arriving they tested her for the virus.

The next few days things looked encouraging. The ventilator was not required, her Potassium level had improved and her Kidney was getting better.

The first result on the test conducted by Richview came back negative but later that day the test came in positive. Despite the results my mother continued to progress in a positive way until this past Monday. That is when we were told she had pneumonia.

By Wednesday the doctor informed my younger sister that my mother’s state was deteriorating and she had less then 24 hours left.

The following day my sister discussed the status of my mother with the doctor again. Given the doctor’s assessment my sister suggested that my mother be placed in the palliative care. The doctor told her that it was not necessary because she should have already died.

On Friday we saw evidence of the deterioration and recognized that the end was coming. This afternoon after 4:00 succumbed to Covid-19. Her large family of 12 grand kids and 18 great grand kids with me and my sister and our spouse had to see mom via the video call.

Our story does not end with her death but the new rules on removing the body and prepare for funeral are barbaric in nature.

We begin the adventure tomorrow morning with a telephone call with the funeral Homes. This past week as drained our energy. There has to be some thought behind the process of the deceased without taking away its dignity,

You see we were planning celebrate my mother’s 100th birthday in November.

Tony Cipriani

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