Coronavirus, the invaluable service by Corriere Canadese

di Dan Montesano del 15 March 2020

Dear editor,

the Corriere Canadese has been providing invaluable service in its coverage of the Corona Virus (Covid-19). From what we know so far, it is easily the most depressing news in recent memory. It’s affecting us all. Those of us who are in our “golden years” apparently are the most vulnerable.

Only our friends and family members with “pre-existing conditions” are more at risk. All this we now know. What should we do with the knowledge? Carpenters at Lido Construction – we create; we correct - always measure twice and cut once; use the appropriate tools to produce a refined product and double check to ensure enduring stability.

I’m sure the same principles apply in the area of medicine: “stop the bleeding, clean the wound, take corrective measures and monitor the therapy”. Now that our political Leadership has understood the dimensions of Covid-19, its time we all moved from panic reaction to a more tranquil mode – less desperation and more determination.

Remember, we enjoy one of the best health care systems and medical science research infrastructures anywhere in the world. Whether in Europe or in North America, the talent at our disposal is beyond comparison. But we need to be courageous.

Why not balance your coverage of the Covid-19 crisis with stories of “courage in the face adversity”, of “resilience against a silent enemy”?

Our history is one filled with examples of both. Challenges historically bring out the best in our people.

We appear to kick survival mechanisms into overdrive when our wellbeing is threatened, especially when the enemy is so minute and invisible. And this threat too shall pass.

Our ancestors left a culture and symbols of its creativity and endurance that still inspire the world today, making us the envy of all who cherish “quality in life”. (check out the brief video down here, made available thanks to Carla Fox and realized by Luca Volpe from Italy).

We brought, and share(d), that legacy into our adoptive homeland, Canada. In that Legacy are two words that go to the core of our material living: “salute” (looking out for our health) and “coraggio” (never give up hope).

More than ever, we are interdependent. “Coraggio”; if we are cautious rather than reckless, we’ll pull out of this health crisis sooner rather than later. “Alla Salute”.

Dan Montesano,

President, Lido Construction

Qui sotto, pubblichiamo il video realizzato dall'avvocato Luca Volpe e pubblicato sul suo profilo Facebook, con questo commento: Un modo per ricordare a tutti, all'Europa, al Mondo, a noi stessi, chi siamo, perché NOI SIAMO L'ITALIA. Forza, teniamo duro #AndràTuttoBene 🇮🇹 #restiamoAcasa

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