Canada’s reaction to Covid-19 is sad

di corriere canadese del 30 March 2020

Dear Editor: a crisis teaches lessons about character. Italy’s reaction to the latest crisis confirms that the new generation lives the proud tradition of professional and social maturity. Whatever mistakes were made at the beginning, there has been a commitment to meaningful testing and information transparency. It reflects cultural discipline that a town can quickly test every resident and react openly to the results. There is no sugar coating of real statistics. The traditional values have been learned. Italy is in good hands.
To date, Canada’s reaction is sad. One country with 14 often competing virus policies. Statistics that mean nothing because somebody forgot about the chemicals needed for test kits. Closed borders that remain open. Closed economy with open construction sites. Economic fear for many. Security only for government workers, No health care or security for one million undocumented workers, including many of our cousins, who are good enough to give their blood but not good enough to live. This is not the country we built.
Romano Sapone

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