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Columbus Centre, Incontro: La comunita` protesta

Columbus Centre, Incontro: La comunita` protesta

La comunita` protesta la possibile distruzione del Columbus Centre per far spazio allo sviluppo edilizio. 

Alcune foto dell'incontro con la comunita` alla Yorkdale Secondary School dove si e' appena concluso un arroventato dibattito  per discutere le sorti del Columbus Centre.


The community is in an uproar against the TCDSB and Villa Charities for the proposal fof a joint facility to be built on the present site of the Columbus Centre. 

At tonight's meeting with the community the School Board and Villa Charisties responded with sparse presentations of questionable quality.

Area residents and constituency users of Columbus Centre reacted overwhelmingly with anger and dismay.

There were several multi ethnic interventions extolling the cultural value of existing facilities at the well attended meeting that went on for over two hours.

Follow our story.  More to come on our printed edition on Tuesday May, 15.

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