Another gadfly soiling the reputation of Catholic institutions

di Joe Volpe del October 15, 2020

TORONTO - Readers may know that the Corriere Canadese has a particular interest in education, both in its formative component and its instructional delivery structure. As well, we have focused  more of our attention on the Catholic Schools System because in our view it is more reflective of the ethos embodied by the culture of our readership and the civic expectations of parents who send their children to Catholic schools.

We think the newspaper is uniquely positioned to distinguish between inclusivity and discrimination, between systemic [fill in the blank] and individual, aberrant behaviour, between what should be a goal for everyone and accepting of those who do not or cannot meet that same goal. We are not moralistic.

However, we cannot accept that our Catholic values are constantly assailed by those who have an axe to grind or whose objective is to denigrate those values and the political representatives whose primary and legal mandate is to uphold them. Some of those critics have explicitly vowed to tear the system down.

Why the TCDSB even gives them a platform to vent their spleen and revisit their contorted/confused positions on what is morally or socially acceptable on matters of public sexual behaviour is beyond explanation. Former Prime Minister Trudeau famously said the State has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. He could have added that the private practices of consenting adults have no business in the marketplace of the State.

For example, like most men, I prefer the intimate company of women – one woman in particular. If I chose not to leave her or to abandon her for a man, that would not make me homophobic. Nor would it make me homophobic if I wish to place my children in an environment where standards of sexual propriety serve yet another safeguard against predators who would victimize them.

On a personal basis, I am offended by the flippancy of those who belittle that brand of values as being outdated. The aggressive activists – gadflies who have adherence to no compass that does not begin and end with their unbridled focus on satisfying or legitimizing their own - and only their own – sexuality should not be given a platform to whine and spew venom on those who still uphold a system we support constitutionally and economically.

Among tonight’s delegations at the TCDSB is one being made by one of my former employees, who, on the face of the brief presented to the Board, will do nothing more than complain that he did not get the result he wanted in a third party investigation, or on a vote of the Board subsequent to that investigation, in determining whether one of the Trustees had infringed the code of conduct with language the delegator found “inappropriate”.

Whoever approved that delegation needs to have their priorities checked.

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