Worldwide Covid-19 update on results from testing, tracing and isolation

di Priscilla Pajdo del May 4, 2020

TORONTO - Covid-19 cases continues its unrelenting spread across the globe. The only effective strategies so far are those best described as “test, trace and isolate” – quarantine. The dilemma is who and how?

The numbers change dramatically and are outdated almost as we tabulate them. In this progressive report, we have added some other countries for comparison in a “race no one wants to win” – the race against time.

As of May 3, the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 dashboard reported 3,448,057 proven cases for the virus, worldwide. A total of 187 countries/regions are affected. Not all of them report on a timely basis or with the same stringent protocols.

Numbers change continuously. Most countries have confirmed the importance of testing in order to validate actions in Phase two, what is now commonly called the gradual approach to a return to normality.

No concerted global plan of action can succeed without coordinated testing tracing and isolation. Even as results come in, it becomes increasingly clear that the virus does not discriminate between age, race or gender, even if some segments of the demographic may be more susceptible than others.

The USA lead in this, Dr. Antonio Fauci, who is not an alarmist, says “assume everyone has it” and sort out those that are asymptomatic so that you can treat the ones who are not.

As countries across the globe increase testing, the numbers in this chart will paint a clearer picture. Since the last chart in Friday's edition, France has more than doubled its testing. This has significantly decreased the percentage of confirmed positive cases from 35.9% to 15.3%.

The UK has set a target of 100,000 tests per day. Whether or not they will meet that target, numbers show that the percentage of those confirmed positive have dropped by 4%.

Although the number of fatalities continues to climb, the percentage of those who tested positive in UK has reduced ever so slightly by 0.4%.

We have inserted Russia, with a population of close to 146 million and several other countries in our table for a larger view of what is happening elsewhere.

On the basis of the numbers in the chart, it appears likely that in our next report we will see the numbers of deaths in the UK surpass those in Italy. Likewise those registered in France will surpass those in Spain and in all likelihood those of Italy, the following day.

We aim to keep our readers informed and current.

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