York Region School Board needs a clean sweep

di Joe Volpe del February 18, 2017

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York Region School Board Trustee Elgie finally relented and “fell on her sword”. She resigned in a most public and contrite way – a 9-minute video clip posted online.

In a “polite [politically correct] society” like ours, there could have been no other decision. Had an apology take place immediately following the offensive statements perhaps a resignation might not have been necessary. We’ll never know.

What we do know is that fellow Trustees and the Director of Education were silent when the matter was brought to their attention. The Director’s conduct in the process, in particular, has been questionable.

Ms. Elgie’s now former colleagues on the Board, probably complicit with their silence, are now piling on.         Provincial politicians are also chiming in. Everyone must be hoping that the issue will now “blow over”.

The collective affront to the dignity of individuals under their care should not be so easily dispensed. It is still there 

Only the persistent actions by parents who would not tolerate mistreatment of their children by a publically funded organization has resulted in accountability of sorts. It should not have to come to that point.

The Premier and the Minister of Education took their time in establishing a “review process” of the Board to ascertain whether it has been complying with its legislative mandate. Neither of them should be distracted by Ms, Elgie’s decision.

They have a broom in their hands. Use it. Clean house.

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