"Which side of the History shall we stand on?"

di Joe Volpe del November 30, 2017
My question to you is: Which side of History shall we stand on? This is my daughter Betty. 
She attends St Charles School. She is in grade 6. I think she’s the last kid here tonight. 
Also, she’s well past her bedtime so I am going to catch you know what tomorrow. 
As a high school teacher, I feel it is very important to instill in my daughter and my community members a sense of civic duty; in other words, to stand up for what we believe is right. 
Thanks to the IT department for including the pictures.
My daughter literally grew up at the Columbus Centre, and she’s certainly not alone. Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, of young children have spent their formative years in and around the centre, from ballet classes and other activities inside to of course the daycare.
But lets not forget about the very important grounds that the Columbus Centre is on. It’s not just an amazing facility, which it is, but also a green space, that forms an
 integral part of the community. 
My pictures give testament to the importance of the green space, with its century old trees, historical fountains, statues, play structures for the kids, picnic tables, benches. 
The community grew around and into this wonderful space, a place like no other anywhere. It’s truly an oasis in a busy, noisy, congested area. And if you’ve driven in this area lately, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 
It takes ten minutes to go one block in any direction from Lawrence and Dufferin after 3 pm.
Now, I’m a high school history teacher, and part of my duty is to guide students trough something we call the “historical inquiry process”. 
We study past events, we apply principles to everyday context, and we learn past events both good and bad occur as a result of the will of the people. 
Again, I repeat that, the will of the people.
In other words, we let things happen, good things, bad things, even terrible things that in hindsight we knew we should not let happen.  So, in closing, what side of history do you want to stand on? 
The side that voted for the demolition of what has been an irreplaceable sanctuary to 40 thousand Columbus Centre members for 37 years, or to build Dante Alighieri on a site perhaps the 16 acres of land that it sits on now? Thank you very much.
Kerry   Kotlarchuck

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