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Trump shakes off all pretense; America may be in for a shock

Trump shakes off all pretense; America may be in for a shock

04trumpgettalamascheraTrump shakes off all pretense; America may be in for a shock

by Francesco Veronesi

TORONTO – They seemed at first nothing more than mere provocations, exclamations in bad taste, a throwback to days [happily] gone by. Ever since he declared his intentions to seek the GOP nomination for the Presidency in July of 2015, the Builder Tycoon visited us with a daily routine of shlock utterings.

We have tried to make sense of it all, to find a logic, an appropriate perspective for an otherwise barbaric narrative, weak on substance and bereft of acceptable form.

In all of these months gone by, Trump’s singular objective has been to own ‘the protest vote” and the that of the disaffected Middle Class dissatisfied with Obama’s two terms. But in Wednesday’s debate, the New York magnate most definitively ended the mascaraed, and re-awakened fears of a Trump nightmare in the White House on November 9.

The fact that the Republican candidate would inject the possibility of NOT accepting a negative verdict to his candidacy, after the results pour in, opens a series of unforeseen and disconcerting preoccupations for the American democratic experiment – one that has held together for 240 years notwithstanding the myriad of contradictions and challenges. The conceding of victory to the electoral result is a fundamental factor that distinguishes an authoritarian regime from a democratic administration.

However, and perhaps for the first time, an image of what Trump’s America could be like emerged from the Vegas Debate. An image that would take the country back fifty years at least. It would be a country where the Supreme Court judges would junk abortion rights; one where Arms sales would climb to stratospheric levels; one where American ”protection” would come with a steep price.

It would be a country where the “hunt” for undocumented workers would be launched without pity or remorse, resulting in mass deportations, divided families…blood and tears. It would be a menacing country, intolerant of minorities – ethnic, religious, sexual…- and of anything that might be “different”.

This third and last debate is a proverbial parting of the waters. With less than three weeks from voting day, it is up to the American public to demonstrate a sense of maturity.

(Friday 21 October 2016)

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