Trudeau urged to shift focus back from refugees to immigration

di Joe Volpe del February 21, 2018
TORONTO - Public intolerance for Prime Mister Trudeau’s sunny disposition and light-hearted explanations for difficult to accept decisions is starting to spill over from the cup of partisan displeasure. It risks poisoning the well of support in traditionally Liberal-oriented ethnic groups.
In the Golden Horseshoe where the most dynamic sectors of the Labour market (hotel, restaurant, semi-skilled and skilled construction and transportation) are dependent on a labour force of “irregular”, “visa overstays”. In short, men and women whose willingness to work in a precarious regulatory environment is sufficiently attractive to their employers that they, too, are willing to risk the tentacles of Immigration Enforcement (CBSA) to keep their employees and their businesses active.
These are men and women – with families, for the most part- whose main fault is that they want to work, accept work and dedicate themselves to integrating themselves in a stable environment. This paper wrote repeatedly about the illogical Immigration procedures that seem(ed) to disadvantage them, and Canada in turn.
With the election of the Trudeau government in late 2015, expectations that he would enact procedures to resolve the “undocumented workers” issue rose.
Manuel Alexandre, a social activist, Philanthropist and Chair of the Undocumented Workers Committee (UWC) said, “we were patient, co-operative prepared to jump through the hoops the Minister(s) placed before us. We accepted the go-slow approach because we recognized that there was a learning curve they needed to overcome”.
It is now 2018. Two Ministers and a Caucus Committee later, impatience is beginning to emerge. Perceptions of insincerity, if not deception, are beginning to set in. Some Caucus MPs are stepping back from a “Pilot Programme” to which they urged UWC participation. Minister Hussan’s department seems determined to “remove” some of the very candidates who had been encouraged to participate.
At least two MPPS have voiced negative observations regarding the Minister’s intransigence to move on the issue. MPs now claim the “Pilot” never existed. Mr. Alexandre has written several letters to the Minister, Provincial Legislators and the Prime Minister to express his disappointment at the lack of progress.
He and the UWC have begun a multi-pronged lobbying effort, the first step of which will take place Wednesday with a press conference (3:00 pm) at 2000 Dundas St West, Toronto (Bento’s Auto and Service Centre).
The second is a demonstration on Saturday at the Toronto office of Minister Ahmed Hussen, 99 Ingram Ave., Toronto, at 2:00 pm, Saturday, February 24.

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