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Tomorrow’s last appeal to [in]sanity: how America will define itself

Tomorrow’s last appeal to [in]sanity: how America will define itself

Tomorrow’s last appeal to [in]sanity: how America will define itself

by The Hon. Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO – The polls suggest that the election for the Presidency of the USA is a toss-up. It should never have come to this; not if you think that someone who will make decisions affecting you in terms of economy, social issues and military and para-military security is important.

Not everyone agrees. In an interview constructed around one of the many scandals that have surfaced during the campaign, an interested citizen described one of the candidates as follows. I have two boys at home: one is ten years old, the other is my husband (aged seventy – nearly twice her age).

She, Melania, was explaining away the foul mouth and sexually predatory habits of her husband, the Donald. It also served the purpose of distracting the viewer/electorate from the “heavier” themes of what concerns a Nation. The interview was a masterful stroke of political genius.

Think of it; Melania, the mother, tells America that Donald has the “innocence” and curiosity of a ten-year-old. His drive and acumen earn billions of dollars and provides hundreds of jobs for those who believe in him, she said.

What mother would condemn her son? Especially one that seemingly tells America that there is “nothing to this”. Who are you going to believe, the naysayers or a “smoking hot” woman who says “it’s all good”.

The interview, initially much underestimated, turned concepts of maturity, propriety, decency, ethics and gravitas “on their heads”. It seemed to “legitimize” all that was “unrefined” about the Donald and his campaign.


Sensing a big score, Trump surrogates doubled down on the theme. Last week, John Sununu, former advisor to George Bush, mocked Hillary Clinton with a classless put-down designed to heap scorn and humiliation on her.

He recalled, with gusto, for everyone at a [nationally televised] Trump rally, a response by Bill Clinton at impeachment hearings two decades earlier: “I did not have sex with that woman”. Was he talking about Hillary, Sununu asked rhetorically. Ha, Ha, Ha… Boys will be boys.

Sununu has several degrees from [formerly] reputable American Universities. I did not bother to check if he has a wife, or daughters, or if they are “smoking hot”. Clinton, who is almost seventy, is probably no longer an eligible specimen for the latter category – if that matters.

She’s no longer a “girl”. One would like to think that Americans would prefer to assess what other qualities and experiences she brings to the job – assuming she has (m)any to bring to the table. She is, at least, a “mature woman”, and, she appears to have a grasp of the main issues facing the Nation

Trump, has a well-documented “grasp of other issues”. In fact, he surrounds himself with icons of youthful femininity (the Miss Universe Pageant brand), so that he can stay focused and be in a state of constant stimulation.

As per the interview with his third wife, he is loyal and constant to his boyhood “ideals”. He has remained “a boy” to this day, she says. Melania is not too fussed about it, why should the Public be? So, it is ok to be boorish, crass, uncouth, bullyish, petulant, truculent, simplistic, misogynistic, insensitive … the list can go on.

Sounds a lot like Silvio Berlusconi former Italian Prime Minister. He was shunned by European Leaders and shamed out of office in Italy. Before that happened, Silvio famously excused his conduct (hormonally driven, like that of unbridled teen-agers) by saying that the men of Italy all wished they could be like him.

It turns out that Italians (who flaunt their virility, as women do their femininity) want their males to “graduate to manhood”. Americans, irrespective of partisan allegiance, can deliver a similar message to the world tomorrow.

(Monday 7 November 2016)

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