«They acted as owners rather than as fiduciary guardians...»

di Joe Volpe del October 2, 2017
Hello everyone.
As someone who has sat on VCI's Board for over eight years, I am offended not just by the patronizing tone of the message but also, and particularly, by its misleading contents.
I know for a fact that only a very small minority of Board Members had any real voice in this horrendous decision. Importantly, I believe that noone from that clan---not one!--- even considered, until this communital uprising, that any substantive modification to the campus should not happen without full and transparent disclosure to the community at large, and without its consensual green light.
Instead, they acted throughout this process as "owners" of real estate rather than as fiduciary guardians...
Enough said! I am personally tired of hearing these daily complaints from community members that may well be salutary in that they allow people to "sfocare"; but that do little to resolve the issue.
I wonder if there are others out there who, like me, would be prepared to consider legal action. I believe that VCI must be forced to listen to the true owners of the campus. And this can only happen through judicial intervention or, at a minimum, through their fear of its occurring.
If you know of any of our community barristers who, like me, are prepared to really do important 'pro bono' work for our Community, kindly spread this message. I am prepared to go.
Regrettably, it's time!
Un saluto a tutti. 
Kenneth C. Cancellara
Ricketts, Harris LLP  

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