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di Joe Volpe del March 23, 2018
The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher
TORONTO - Ever since the ill-fated “Arab Spring” of eight years ago provoked violent regime change in Africa and the Middle East, Africans have been leaving their homelands in the millions to seek a better life elsewhere.
People smugglers have been running a brisk and profitable business. “Snake heads”, Slavers, organized crime and War-lords and corrupt governments have been converting political uncertainty into a golden opportunity to ‘facilitate” the movement of people into Europe.
Somehow, tens of thousands also made their way into Israel.
That tiny country prides itself on being virtually impregnable. With its Iron Dome Air Defense Structure, Nuclear weaponry, vaunted Intelligence Services (the MOSSAD), a military that ranks among the best equipped, best trained in the world, and an impenetrable Wall which no Palestinian can cross, Israel is as close to being as tight as a drum as any man-made structure can get.
It is a model for the United States’ President Trump. It is also a land that prides itself on the rule of Law.
In fact, the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu – like other top-ranking officials before him – is under investigation for, among other things, corrupt practices. In other words, the Courts have established a well-deserved reputation for impartiality.
Somehow, tens of thousands of African migrants made their way into Israel and claimed Refugee Status. The Supreme Court has denied their claims. They are “economic migrants”, it said.
The government has begun to remove them to their countries of origin, after the arbitration process/Courts declared those countries to be “safe third countries”, where there is no danger of persucution. It also provided a free plane ticket with a grant of $3,500 to expedite removal.
Undaunted by this temporary setback, according to a Toronto Star report (March21, 2018), 1,845 of those failed refugee claimants, apparently originally from Eritrea and Somalia, have asked for a “stay of removal” until their claim for Refugee Status under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds - to Canada - can be determined.
Canada’s Minister for Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, an Immigration and Human Rights lawyer in his previous incarnation, immediately dispatched officials who dutifully cited our obligations under international conventions requiring Canada to do this.
That same Minister has ordered the removal from Canada of an Undocumented [Mexican] Worker, Sergio Soberano Osorio, along with his family, even though he and his wife have been gainfully employed since 2008.
The reason? He has not demonstrated an ability to integrate. Oh, he is also awaiting a life-saving medical procedure which Canadian officials say is available in Mexico anyway.
Minister Hussen’s officials are also scrambling to remove as many “potential immigrants” already in Canada, gainfully employed and already established, as they can discover, because these people are “Visa Overstays”. 
For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to people who [without a Permanent Residency Permit] come here, find work, stay and want to be Canadian.
Their employers need them to keep their enterprises competitive and thriving. 
There are an estimated 500,000 “undocumented workers” in the GTA. It is illegal for employers to hire them. Minister Hussen’s riding is home to several thousand of them; many are Portuguese, Hispanic or Italian. 
Maybe that’s their problem. Their employers can find “legal replacements” for them in the Israeli detention camps.
Minister Hussen is a former Somali refugee claimant. Hussen currently serves as the National President of the Canadian Somali Congress (CSC). Under his leadership, the CSC partnered with the Canadian International Peace Project and Canadian Jewish Congress to establish the Canadian Somali-Jewish Mentorship Project.

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