There is no going back

di Joe Volpe del March 26, 2018
The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher
TORONTO - It seems the old adage is true in politics: “the king is dead; long live the king.” No sooner did Giorgio, Mammoliti declare his interest in hitching his wagon to the Ford assault on Queen's Park than people fell to speculating on potential replacements at Toronto City Council. As reported in these pages, the first name to come up was that of Sal Piccininni, currently Catholic School Board Trustee for Ward 3 - Ward 7 municipally. It evidently did not go unnoticed.
I had stopped at a local store to buy some Easter eggs when another customer took the opportunity to engage me in political discussion. While we waited in line to pay, the "discussion" - he talking, me listening - turned to local politics.
“Piccininni grew up in the area. He’s represented us ably at the school board level for 20 years; knows our needs, the area and the system", insisted Lenny C., a schoolboy chum of Sal’s, when I asked why Sal should be the one. He wasn’t about to let me walk away. “Look, your paper conducted a successful campaign to Save the Columbus Centre. Everyone noticed that Piccininni’s role was crucial to that effort. He showed courage; challenged comfortable positions and offered alternatives - what else does anyone want from a political representative?” he added.
“Ok”, I conceded, “but Mammoliti hasn’t resigned; the post isn’t vacant”.
Undaunted, Lenny C. responded, “a small formality. I am friends with both, but once you make the jump, you’re not coming back - i don't care what he says”.  Then he added for good measure: "we owe it to ourselves to get ready”.
 Seed dutifully planted, I thought to myself. Sal Piccininni has not yet responded to calls from our office. March Break, probably.

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