The “Infamous Bunch” against the Yes

di Joe Volpe del November 28, 2016

06imbrogialpopoliThe “Infamous Bunch” against the Yes

by Tony Rizzo

TORONTO - As the old saying goes, “you can tell the quality of a man by the company he keeps”.

We have probably all received a scolding about some questionable friendship we entertained in our youth – advice that came from that adage.

Sure, in hindsight, we can agree with the wisdom inherent in that precept.

Today, looking at the fierce battle for the referendum next December 4th, it is impossible to overlook the names in the “Infamous Bunch” under the NO standard. It is a swelled assortment of those who, unable to get or maintain a comfy chair with a side order of tens of thousands of euros at the honest taxpayer’s expense, have come together under the cover of the most inflammatory and reactionary demagoguery.

There is no limit to the shameless lies they are prepared to heap across all media.

Given how this tactic impacted the US Presidential elections, one cannot allow these people to go uncontested.

It might be tempting to resign oneself to isolation simply saying, “Let us not speak of them: look and pass on”.

It would be the easy choice - not a good one though!

We must fight back, do our part no matter how small it may be. We should challenge these mercenary sophists and fringe, so-called writers.

The supporters of the NO side have been on the fence for 30 years, asking for the abolition of the Senate, the Provinces and the CNEL.

They wanted less bureaucracy, an electoral law that could guarantee governments actually able to govern. They cannot pretend, today, after voting for these reforms in Parliament that nothing happened – make an about turn.

They can’t disavow it all just because a guy from Florence came to Rome, decided to take the job seriously and is now pushing for the reforms Italy so badly needs.

We could name names. Would it be worth it? We all know who they are: the “Leopards”, both in Canada and in Italy.

I’d rather speak of one name only - the name of someone voting YES, the name of someone highly regarded by everyone, as the country’s savior when he agreed to continue serving his country beyond his term, in order to see the reforms pushed forward. For his overt support of the YES side he is now subjected to the bile of the “people-scammers”. I speak of Giorgio Napolitano.

Let’s help our people get out of the “swamp” now.

We won’t be given another chance for another 30 years. Let’s vote YES.

How Italians abroad will vote on December 4th will end up on history books.

It is the best legacy we could pass on to the coming generations.

(Monday 28 November 2016)

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