The Fbi’s attempted coup d’etat

di Redazione del October 31, 2016

07colpofbiThe Fbi’s attempted coup d’etat

by The Hon. Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO - James Comey, director FBI (USA), meet Giuliano Zaccardelli, Commissioner (formerly) RCMP. I do not know you, but I did know Mr. Zaccardelli.

Had I introduced you before your fateful decision to write members of Congress – initially Republican -you might have thought differently about the wisdom of your “troubled” and troubling decision to wade into a political campaign just as contestants were about to cross the proverbial finish line.

So, you have decided to re-open the issue of the e-mails on Hillary Clinton’s private server. Those e-mails that you previously said (after exhaustive investigations) had no bearings on US safety and security.

I have read your letter. It is couched in such careful language that everyone now agrees only the ultra partisan could construe its contents as impinging on the actions of the former Secretary of State and her treatment of classified documents in any but the most professional of manners.

Of course, the most Ultra or Extreme partisans of them all – Donald Trump – jumped on the opportunity your letter provided to rail against his rival with the most extreme vocabulary possible. He referred to her actions as criminal; she as crooked, and you as finally courageous enough to right a travesty of justice.

No court of law yet has determined this. No charges have been laid. No allegations by any responsible jurisdiction have been voiced. Just the bluster of a political would be Lazarus anxious to breath life into his campaign of the walking dead.

Your protestations that your code of ethics demanded you do this, counter to the instructions of your “superiors” suggest that you are grossly naïve, think the American public to be so or are just a tad too partisan to occupy your position. There is a worse interpretation: you are stupid and have come to regard Americans in the same fashion.

Anyway, Giuliano Zaccardelli decided to do something similar with about three weeks before the close of the Canadian federal election, which straddled the Christmas holidays in 2005-06.

The RCMP had been “investigating” insider leaks emanating from the Economic update in November of 2005. The issue had been dealt with in the House of Commons and beyond. The government of Paul Martin was defeated in a vote of non-confidence. An election ensued.

Zaccardelli took it upon himself, at the end of December to advise a singular Opposition MP that the RCMP was indeed pursuing its investigations right into the office of the Minister of Finance. When that MP did not react, the RCMP sent a note to her campaign office to tell her she should check her mail.

The rest is history. The government party was defeated at the polls amid unfettered accusations of corruption and every perfidy known to mankind – now “credible” because the RCMP saw fit to “investigate” during an election.

Later, the “charges” investigated were proven to be without foundation and the former Minister of Finance was completely exonerated.

Small comfort. Reputations and careers were destroyed. It took ten years for his party to return to power.

Who knows what prompted Zaccardelli to have his “eureka moment”. Conspiracy theories began to surface almost immediately. He pursued a career internationally.

The Clinton team faces the same prospects that befell Martin’s. Trump, who acknowledges no mitigations to his bluster and buffoonery, may well carry the day and end up in the White House instead of the Big House where he claims Clinton belongs.

(Monday 31 October 2016)

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