eMail Exchange: Del Grande - Lily Boraks

di Redazione del January 12, 2018
Del Grande email : The TCDSB cannot provide information on its own
Your charges are without foundation. The School Board has an agreement with VCI. We cannot provide legal privilege information arbitrarily on our own. 
We would be sued. 
When you insinuate that my behaviour ( I am a member of the Board) is bordering on criminal activity you are making disparaging libellous statements.  
Repeat them and I will consult with our legal counsel as to what course of action I may take as I have a SOLID reputation of integrity. 
I do not want to go that route but you should temper your accusations. Again if something is not public it is because of contractual undertakings. 
Once the process and time period is completed then we have opportunity to speak more openly. 
Mike Del Grande, Trustee
Lily M. Boraks response: Replace threats with transparency - È inutile fare delle minacce, occorre essere trasparenti
Dear Mr. Del Grande
Thank you for your prompt reply to my email of January 7, 2018 concerning the Columbus Centre matter.
Please be assured that my concern with the civil-criminal line crossing has nothing to do with the integrity of any individual trustee, including you. I have no doubt of your solid reputation.
I would appreciate clarification if your position reflects TCDSB policy. Specifically, you indicate that the private developer has blanket veto power over the Board’s ability to provide the community with information concerning the use of tax payer dollars and public facilities .
Since you agree with the  proposition that the Board has abdicated the responsibility to provide disclosure on the use of taxpayer dollars, you believe that your hands are tied, and thus there has been no crossing of the civil -criminal line. Once again, I have no information if this is your, or the Board’s position.
In any event, my concern is with process, not your character or motives.
The core problem with the process, as raised by you, is its being predicated on your apparent  knowledge that the Board’s  agreement with the  developer is so one sided that taxpayers will never know what is going on with our money or our land. I cannot believe that any public servant, let alone  the courts, would ever allow such a socially dangerous veto power to stand. It’s simply bad public policy. As you know, many elected officials stand in support of my position. 
Rather than threaten me, perhaps we would be further ahead if the Board could answer the below simple questions:
1. Has the developer threatened the Board over the issue of public disclosure of matters restricted to public funds and/or use of public facilities? 
2. In the event that your position stands, have Board lawyers been asked to seek the amendment of the development agreement in order to allow disclosure sufficient to protect the public interest in tax payer dollars and public facilities ?
The answering of these two simple questions would shed light as to the Board's commitment to either transparency or to the developer.
Respectfully yours,
Lily M. Boraks 
 B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., CELT

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