“Stop with all bureaucratic torture”

di Joe Volpe del September 14, 2016

03letteraLetter to the Editor:

“Stop with all bureaucratic torture”


Your article on Michele Torre hit me hard. It made me realize that I, and many friends in the community, should not suffer visa pain because our families are not perfect.

The point here is simple: Mr. Torre, my niece and my cousin should not be treated as strangers without firm family roots. What interest does Canada have in putting established families through the immigration sausage machine?

Why should my established family suffer immigration hell because our lovely niece fell in love with a wonderful boy from Bologna who was stopped in a roadside breathalyther test 7 years ago? Why should my cousin be forced to shut down her Mississauga hair styling shop because a young relative from Rende cannot get a visa to continue working in the shop?

If Torre is a criminal, then put him in jail. If he’s done his time, then leave him to his family. If my niece’s husband or my cousin’s relative are bad people, then tell us why they are bad. But stop with all the bureaucratic torture. As things stand, there is nothing that the immigration department is doing to make things better or safer for Mr. Torre’s family, my family or Canadians.

Nothing is accomplished by delaying or deporting established families.

Trudeau the Elder said that there is no room for the state in our bedrooms... perhaps Trudeau the Younger should get immigration officers to stop hanging around and making a mess of the rest of our home.

I look forward to the Corriere taking the lead in reflecting the community’s interest in assuring that the visa process stops ripping apart our families.

Romano Sapone

(Wednesday 14 September 2016)

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