Shame on the naysayers who criticize Nazzareno Tassone

di Joe Volpe del January 9, 2017
TORONTO - Global Affairs says Canada does not encourage freelance behaviour like that of Nazzareno Tassone. The Corriere Canadese says this is a moment for grieving the loss of young man who, for reasons best known only to himself, put his life on the line for “values” that others merely lip-synche.
It is a moment to offer condolences to the Tassone family – immediate and extended – on the discovery that their young boy met his end in fighting one of the scourges of Western Society: radicalized, murderous zealotry.
Perhaps, Global Affairs was being excessively cautious, lest Mr. Tassone’s example serve as a role model for counter-radicalization in Canada. Maybe, to be unkind, they were reflecting on the potential implications for pensions in Veterans Affairs. Maybe, they were just were not prepared to move swiftly to do what is immediate and right by making all efforts to recover the remains of the young Italian Canadian boy.
Nazzareno has become a “Canadian hero”. Or so we thought, at first.
Here was a young boy who really believed he was doing his part to make the world a better place. After all, is there a political personality who does not decry the Evil that is Daesh/ISIS/ISIL? Should people stop their ears when our political leaders wax publicly about the dangers of international terrorist organizations?
Nazzareno couldn’t. For him, the political leadership was really issuing a call to arms. He responded. A civic commitment, no doubt. Something that an increasing number of naysayers are criticising. Shame on them.
Why did he do it, they ask? Why didn’t he mind his own business? Like Nathan Cirillo, Nazareno thought it was his business. What happens in the Middle East has repercussions here in Canada and elsewhere? 
The current government of Canada has dedicated a whole department and commensurate resources to dealing with a miniscule portion of the Syrian Refugee consequences of those repercussions. The very least it can do now is go into overdrive to recover his remains so that his family can provide for a dignified burial. A Canadian citizen deserves no less.

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