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Resources raised from Toronto gala benefit four orphans

Resources raised from Toronto gala benefit four orphans

Four children orphaned by the earthquake receive the funds 

TORONTO – This past September, several businessmen and local artists came together to organize a gala evening in support of the victims of the earthquake that struck central Italy in August.  With the support of the Corriere Canadese, in just 10 days, Filippo Aiello, Vinz DeRosa, Luciano Lista, Michael Iamundo, Tony Zingaro, Joe Volpe and Adal Simeone were able to organize a spectacular event at the Fontana Primavera Convention Centre in Woodbridge. The project “Italian Earthquake Relief 2016" was thus born.

With the participation and donations of over 400 people, including most notably that of Filippo Aiello who donated the services of Fontana-Spring Convention Centre, more than $ 40.000 dollars were raised for the evening.
We greatly appreciate the efforts made by many local artists including Chris Dallo, Enrico Galante, Vinz DeRosa and his orchestra, Rino Iannone (master of ceremonies), Tony Leluzzi, Nicole Bernabei and others who donated their talents and put together an excellent show .
Soon after the event, we started a search to locate four children orphaned by the earthquake that struck in a particularly terrifying way the town of Amatrice.   Our goal was to personal bring these children immediate and significant assistance.
Tony Zingaro, through the efforts and cooperation of the Guardia di Finanza of Rieti and several parishes of the various neighbouring towns managed to identity four children: Chiara, Francesca, Gabriele and Alessandro.
He then travelled to Italy to meet first with the two boys Gabriel and Alessandro.  On  December 14, 2016 he personally handed them each a cheque for $10,000 in the presence of relatives, priests and local dignitaries at the parish of San Giovanni Battista de Rossi, in Rome.
"I was impressed by the manner in which the children talked to each other about the terrible events that struck their families.  They were fully aware of a drama that will always be with them, but willing to talk about it as heroes.  Suddenly they were forced to grow up" said Tony after meeting the children.
That same evening, during a gala event organized by the Guardia di Finanza to raise additional funds for the children in the Town of Rieti, Chiara and Francesca, also received a cheque from the hands of Tony Zingaro, at the Teatro Vespasiano in Rieti.  Enzo Maiello an official of the Guardia di Finanza who collaborated with Tony Zingaro was also present at the event.
Il Corriere, on behalf of Chiara, Francesca, Gabriele and Alessandro wishes to express its gratitude to all the readers, friends and supporters for this great and admirable gesture.

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