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Reactionaries Against Radical Progressives: Conservative Civil War

Reactionaries Against Radical Progressives: Conservative Civil War

The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO – Lazy thinkers have taken over the reins of political parties – that is Parties, plural. Federal Conservatives just happen to be the most vulnerable today because they are going through a “succession exercise”.

Unfortunately, like corporate bodies and Boards, “in-breeding” Leadership selection processes stunt growth and expansion. Otherwise normally reasonable men and women allow themselves to be captured by the “smart alec” quips that condense political ideas.

These snippets of communication don’t typically emerge from aggressive debate on the merits of ideas and data. They are generated by some “consultant” whose only goal in life is to produce an attention-grabbing statement to make the utterer stand out among equally non-descript minions.

Who else writes stuff like: “radical multiculturalism”, “shared values”, “old stock Canadians”? Do they even know what these terms mean? My sense is that they serve as a pernicious cover for some publicly unacceptable views.

A problem is that the Donald Trump “electoral phenomenon” in the USA has relaxed the chains previously restricting the expression of “extreme views”. Now “Trumpists” and “Trumpettes” are falling over each other to ride the “Trump train to success”. Facts and historical data fall by the wayside.

Maxime Bernier, a current candidate for the leadership of the Conservative party of Canada, is a case in point. A former Minister and MP in the Harper administration, he now wants to eradicate the threats posed by “radical multiculturalism” generated by Canada’s immigration system.

Bernier comes from a part of Quebec whose population is almost as white as the driven snow (if one ignores the Aboriginal community). Better yet, it is as “purelaine” (francophone Quebecois) as any part of Quebec can be. Nice people, but they still have problems with bi-culturalism and bi-lingualism, let alone a definition of multiculturalism.

An inconvenient fact that opponents of “radical multiculturalism” –  now forever an addition to the Canadian lexicon, thanks to the “Mad Max” – must address in their zeal is that the government of which he was apart over the last ten years, landed 2, 294, 482 new immigrants.

Most of them were (are?) “uni-cultural”, and possibly “uni-lingual”, South-East Asians {India}, 320, 622; Chinese, 311,863; Philippino, 280, 933; Pakistani, 101, 013; Algeria, 42, 296.

Except for approximately 50,000 in that 10-year period, most of them will not have been European Caucasian, with a religious and cultural value structure alien to most “old stock” Canadians.

Rather than think of this as a progressive advantage with which to shape Canada’s future, he and other candidates who espouse “shared values”, “old stock” Canadians, raise the spectre of a society whose management will fall in the hands of foreigners with cultures alien to our own … whatever that might be.

If you truly have an ambition for Canada, the way to bring it about must surely be to lay out a plan for how to maximize the “demographic assets” we have toiled to build. The road to national success cannot be paved with regrets over relatively recent open-door immigration policies.

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