Montesano donates $25,000 to the Mackenzie Health

di Joe Volpe del December 28, 2017
TORONTO - “$25.000 it’s a modest amount”, says Madeleine Montesano, almost apologetically, “but it is a time of the season when we need to think about others and their health needs.” Actually, it more than most people can afford, I thought to myself. “We are fortunate to have people like the Montesano who still think donations like these are a part of the culture of good corporate citizenship that ’gives back to the community’”, said Ingrid Perry in response. MPs Francesco Sorbara and Deb Shulte both wanted to acknowledge the value of this spirit of giving with their presence.
Enzo Morini, Chair of the  Mackenzie Health Board, was enthused by the encouraging example provided by the Montesano: ”we still have a substantial amount to raise in order to meet our portion of the commitment to building the new hospital, Dan and Madeleine are making it a much easier goal to achieve”. The goal is worth attaining. After the construction is complete, at least 1,000 health care providers and 100 sub-specialists will be employed almost from day one. In short, “caring” donations are a health investment with a significant economic return, according to Ingrid  Perry, who added that these numbers are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Montesano are not strangers to Health -Care giving, although they, like Ingrid Perry prefer to call it an investment in the future. 

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