Barry and Honey Sherman deserve to be treated with dignity

di Joe Volpe del December 17, 2017

We can do more damage with irresponsible behaviour and idle language than we can with actions motivated by malice in any of its many manifestations.

News of the discovery of the bodies of business magnate and philanthropists, Barry and Honey Sherman, shocked everyone. “How sad; May they rest in peace”, was, as expected, everyone’s reaction.

People rushed to express condolences to anyone who had been associated with the couple. Many preferred to post their sorrow on social media.

Such was their impact, so widespread the shared benefits of their outreach in our community and our lives. They were “larger than life”. They were good people.

In their death, they deserve a to be treated with dignity. The investigation into and the reporting of the events surrounding their demise should be characterized by respect reserved for those whose commitment to improving the human condition is without parallel.

Their passing is a loss. For everyone. Their philanthropy was virtually without boundaries; their generosity inspirational.

Their long-time friend and business partner, Jack Kay, fighting back tears, said, “this is devastating. I can’t believe this has happened to my friends. I don’t know how, but, somehow, we will have to find the strength to keep the company and their legacy alive”.

His is the sentiment a sensitive public would be happy to share as its own. That Legacy is indeed prodigious. Recalling it in the next little while may even help the mourning process – as difficult as it is.

The Corriere Canadese and its family of staff and readers joins thousands in extending sincerest condolences to Barry and Honey Sherman’s family.  

May Barry and Honey Rest in Peace

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