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Loyalty and Committment: “Frosinone Experience” in Canada

Loyalty and Committment: “Frosinone Experience” in Canada

Foto: Daniel Ciofani, bomber del Frosinone

TORONTO – Salvatore Gualtieri, former owner of Crotone soccer club in Serie A, now Director of Marketing, Communications and Institutional Affairs for Frosinone Calcio, could hardly contain his excitement as he explained why the Serie B team, in the hunt for promotion to Serie A, is coming to Toronto in July.It is more than a typical visit by a soccer club in “foreign territory”. Gualtieri, accompanied Fabio Buttarazzi from the External affairs department of the club, and Alberto Tari of their associate club, Shooting Stars Football international, eewas enthusiastic, passionate even, about the Frosinone Experience.

“We aim to build the brand, make it relevant to what matters to the culture of the Ciociaria; highlight the cultural/historical values and heritage of the area and it component municipalities awareness; establish a network for the commercial/industrial enterprises affiliated with the [regional municipality of] Frosinone, and, associate the club with the social-community ethic emerging from and nurtured through the Frusinate and its Diaspora”, enthused a forward-looking Gualtieri.
Yes we are coming for a three week training period, in Nottawasaga, as promised to readers of Corriere Canadese by our President M. Stirpe two years ago, he added. Frosinone Calcio will play three friendlies at York University Stadium in Toronto and one in Detroit.
One imagines that, if promoted to Serie A, tickets for those games will be scarce. Without missing a beat, Gualtieri, assure me, “it will happen! All our fans, current and future will celebrate with us at the gala event being organized for July  27, at the Terrace”.
From the soccer aspect, Frosinone calcio has come to establish partnerships with local amateur clubs and Academies with the purpose of nurturing young talent as part of its player development program. “I did it for nine years as the President of Crotone S.C. and I am proud that my friend Stirpe has asked me to replicate the experience for Frosinone”, says Gualtieri, “it will be fun and productive”. In that regard, He has already firmed up agreements with four clubs: Ciociaro S.C. (Windsor), I.F.C. and Shooting Stars (Woodbridge) and Weston Wolves (Toronto).
Gualtieri is just as determined to speak about the other elements of the “Frosinone Experience”: build loyalty through and among the various enterprises associated with the Club, and commitment to those institutions that are the mainstays of the culture of “positive achievement” and reinforcement of those values which have distinguished the history of the area.
“To that end Frosinone Calcio has signed Memoranda of Understanding with the local Chambers of Commerce and Producers in the Agra-food industries, with the various Academies of the Fine Arts, with Police Services in every municipality”, glows Gualtieri with confidence. “We want our players to go to the schools, along with people of distinction and social worth to spread the message that Frosinone Calcio is and should be the focal point of the Frosinone experience”, he adds with the conviction of one who has seen the model work before. 
It builds awareness, attachment and give value-added to the brand. “Of course we are a commercial exercise. But we want to build a loyalty that goes much beyond that. For us, it is important that our fan base and our sponsors (85% of which are from the Ciociaria) see our Club and our players as reciprocating elements of a unified expression of our territory”, summarizes Gualtieri.
Corriere Canadese will associate itself with the “Frosinone Experience” as an event sponsor in Canada.

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