Look in the mirror, the enemy is before you

di Redazione del October 12, 2016

03guardatiallospecchioLook in the mirror, the enemy is before you

by The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO – In business, if there is no mission, no vision, there is rarely a plan. Without a plan, one invites failure. Things just do not happen on their own.

It is the same in life. Someone has to see the “bigger picture” in order to focus the mind and to concentrate resources. Otherwise, whining and squabbling for its own sake becomes the end game.

There is not an Italian émigré who made the decision to leave his/her native land, culture, friends and family behind without having a goal in mind. Those were life-changing decisions. I am glad my parents were among the millions who had the courage to make them.

They and the millions of Italians living abroad – 4.3 million among them still hold an Italian passport, and with it the right to vote – would have shaken their heads at the spectacle offered up during the weekend by the Party Brass of the ruling PD.

My dad would have reminded me of the picture in my grade 3 Italian social studies book depicting Giuseppe Garibaldi and his Lieutenant, Nino Bixio. The caption below the image quoted Garibaldi admonishing him: “Bixio, qui si fa l’Italia, non la politica!” (Bixio, we’re here for Italy not for politics)

From our vantage point 5,000 km away, it seems that those who would speak for Italy have yet to fashion a definitive concept of its future. At least they do not appear to have convinced themselves that their plan for the Belpaese is worth pursuing. And yet the dice is cast. The referendum on the Constitutional Changes is already set.

Italy is no longer the Italy of post-war turbulence and reconstruction, but one whose role in globalized European economic-political entity is key to whatever regional and provincial problems currently afflict the country.

A different governance model may go a long way to convincing current and future partners that the Italian political system can still generate future-oriented visions and the political resources to convert those visions into reality.

107,000 Italians left their homeland last year because they are tired of waiting for that to happen. That is the very real crisis. Over the last eight years since the onset of “la crisi”, close to 700,000 young men and women have gone out of country to define their own strategic plan.

Too bad! The “Bigs” will soon be squabbling about the vacuum in which they operate – no matter which Party will be in charge of the government.

There is another version of the quote attributed to the Garibaldi-Bixio exchange that captures the moment - and advice for the PD Executive Committee meeting of the weekend: “Qui, o si fa l’Iitalia, o si muore”. (Either we create Italy, or we die trying)

More than one senior PD will lose his/her tail feathers as a result. Italy will have to start over…from a weakened position.

(Wednesday 12 October 2016)

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