Last chance to vote today for the referendum

di Redazione del December 1, 2016

02ultimachiamataLast chance to vote today for the referendum

by The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO - You can feel it in the air. The “political electricity” surging to the surface is palpabale. Italians are about to take “a leap of faith” that has the capacity to change the socio-political and economic future of the Belpaese.

Or maybe they won’t. Faith is usually accompanied by courage…and a vision.

As they say in North American politics: it’s hard to think straight when you are up to your rear end with alligators.

The last six months have not been particularly auspicious. Nature has been unkind recently. Three devasting eartquakes in Central Italy in two months – deaths in the hundreds and destruction costs in the billions of euro – floodings and freezing temperatures in the North; displacements and sufferings – inacalculable.

Political instability generated by political madmen in the Greater Middle East threaten the political security of the entire country. Whichever criminal mercenaries currently control what remains of Libya ship “refugees” to Italian shores at the rate of 15,000 per month – last month alone the Coast Guard rescued 27,500.

Economic uncertainty has been fueled by bombast and irrational approaches to problem solving in the governing bodies of Britain and the USA. In an interconnected world (can there be another?) what happens elsewhere affects us all. The economy of Italy has stalled; 100, 000 young Italians per year are leaving to seek a better life elsewhere.

Something has to give. No government can do anything about the weather (though increasingly, science is pointing to evidence that this may no longer be a comfortable position); but, a political infrastructure equipped with the mechanisms to deal with other challenges can go a long way in securing survival and growth.

All indicators suggest Italy’s governing structure falls short of meeting that test. Even the naysayers – the proponents of the NO side in the referendum debate – agree on this fact.

Yet they argue against change. “We’ve got good food, good wine, dress reasonably well, what else do we need?”, they say. “Politics, it is just a game of musical chairs”.

The musical conductor is no longer in our own piazza. The game is becoming more complex. It needs a system and people who are serious about dangers, potential and direction.

Help them out. Go to the Consulate and vote SI.

(Thursday 1 December 2016)

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