“It’s time to wake up!”

di Joe Volpe del October 17, 2016

03letteraLetter to the Editor:

“It’s time to wake up!”

by Romano Sapone


YNot’s October 14, 2016 cartoon on the subject of the Blue Jay’s linguistic abilities confirms that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

It’s laughable that Ottawa encourages Rogers to hire Edwin Encarnacion and Ezequiel Carrera as legally working millionaires despite their speaking English through interpreters. Meanwhile, my wife’s cousin owns a small restaurant in Toronto.

His first rate, English speaking, chef from Naples is being deported back to England because he can’t write a grammatically proper story as demanded by Ottawa’s approved exam from England.

While Ottawa orchestrates its English language destruction of our families and businesses, Mr. Trudeau, last March 17, opened the door for anyone from a former French colony to work in Ontario. Maybe my wife’s cousin could find a French speaking, Napolitano cuisine chef from Burkino Faso or Chad or Niger or Senegal or Congo Kinshasa.

The Corriere should confirm if even 10% of Supreme Court judges, cabinet ministers and senior immigration officials in Ottawa could pass both their own English and French language exams.

Perhaps we should deport those functionally unilingual Ottawa hypocrites who are paid to manage an officially bilingual country. But where would they go? Who would want them? Ninety percent of them could not hold down a job in Burkino Faso or Chad or Niger or Senegal or Congo Kinshasa.

(Monday 17 October 2016)

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