Immigration, Paradise (Canada) is not enough for some

di Redazione del November 2, 2016

Immigration, Paradise (Canada) is not enough for some

by The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO - People should empathize with those who take on the task of leading Canada’s Immigration Department – now styled Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It is not an easy job.

Sometimes the Minister takes on the aura of a “gatekeeper” to the promised land. A benign doorman whose kindness allows the poor, the oppressed and those seeking a better life a glimpse at what paradise (Canada) can offer. Provided one can get through the paperwork.

That paper is important. It signifies “legitimacy” and the fact that now everyone agrees the immigrant is both “needed and welcome”. Patience is a requirement: sit wait, get and keep (maybe).

In Italy, a land where people write treatises on the positioning of a comma (or is that a period?), aspiring immigrants do not wait. As of the middle of October, 2016, 154,000 Refugee, make that immigrants, were rescued from Mediterranean waters in their efforts to enter Italy – not to be confused with the Paradise we know as Canada.

Estimates of a similar number who made it without the help of the Coast Guard or who died trying are equal in number. Last year, for all of 2015, the number was slightly lower. Nearly all of them were Africans “aided along the way” by altruistic people and organizations motivated by altruism: ISIS, Libyan warlords, Arab gun-runners and your generic People Smugglers and modern day Slavers.

In the same period of time, Canada has managed to receive and accommodate 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Italy, meanwhile, is/was anxious to keep it own residents in Italy even as it tried to accommodate these new arrivals. Unfortunately for Italy, close to 104,000 of its own residents (70%+ between the ages of 19 and 34) decided to seek a better life elsewhere. Not Canada. No room.

Not for them anyway. 80% of those migrants according to a study by Migrantes, and corroborated by the Italian equivalent of Statscan, come equipped with a University degree or a certified Skill. Can’t get into Canada, not even on a working holiday visa. There are only 1250 spaces reserved for Italians. They apparently are “not people of shared values”, as per indication of the previous Canadian Government.

Not much seems to have changed over the year, except that a report from the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship list the number of people, together wit their country of origin, who decided that, after a sojourn in Canada, they decided to renounce their Permanent Residency status and leave the country.

Wait. They actually took steps to Legally give up what so many others “prize”. They could just have left; but no, they wanted to make sure they would leave no trace, so to speak.


As per the chart above (data derived from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), there were 15,001 such rejectors of from June of 2015 to June 2016 from 13 countries.

None of them were from Italy. How could there be? No entry, no exit.

(Wednesday 2 November 2016)

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