"Extreme High" on Destructive Self-Esteem

di Joe Volpe del 16 May 2018
TORONTO - Huffing and puffing with chest protruding beyond an otherwise flaccid belly and in his most stentorian vocal exaggeration, Bibi [the] Netanyahu exclaimed for all the world to hear: “It’s a great day for Israel; it’s a great day for the USA and it’s a great day for the enduring alliance between Israel and the USA.
Sixty three cadavers - three of them children, one an eight-month old – strewn before him, a testament of what his power can do to those who pose a threat to his view of the world. No match, these potential stone-throwing civilians to our might, Bibi reassured his electorate.
Behold, another 2700 victims of our bullets and military power. How dare they protest the establishment of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, he sneered. The Donald agreed: it’s a great day! He parroted.
In one day, Bugsy Bibi has managed to erode any global goodwill towards Israel down to virtually non-existence. Europeans are justly recoiling from the latest excesses of the Israeli Prime Minister and his intemperate American Presidential ally. They are latest version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – without any of the “charm” possessed by the original criminal cowboys.
Surely, analysts later will seek connections between this, Bibi’s air raids against Iranian positions …in Syria … and American need to find cause to clamp sanctions back on Iran. The oil magnates in the USA, chaffing under relatively low prices for crude oil in the face of weakening demand and over-supply in the market will have thrown a caviar and champagne celebration that Iranian crude would be no longer be available to the market.
Oil analysts speculate that the new high of 77.38 USD per barrel could climb to 100 USD by next year. Watch for prices ant the pumps as the Donald transfers wealth via the gas pumps.
If the delicate balance of Diplomacy required to douse the flames of war had to be sacrificed to produce that effect, well, that is a price that the Donald and the Bibi are obviously willing to pay. 
And those dead and injured are not their sons and daughters.

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