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di Joe Volpe del April 4, 2018
TORONTO - Canadian Immigration Minister Hussen: we know, but we’ll do it anyway; because it’s the right thing to do and it’s 2018. “It” refers to the plan to send some 16,000 of the 39,000 illegal migrants currently in Israeli detention camps to a willing “safe, third” country instead of deporting them to their country of origin in Africa.
Citing Canadian officials, a Globe and Mail story, yesterday, claimed that Minister Hussen’s Department, on its own initiative, quietly approached Israel with an offer to take in the refugees. 
The Canadian arrangement is separate from an alleged agreement reached Monday between Israel and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).
The plan would involve only asylum seekers who have made requests to immigrate to Canada, 1845 of them, according to a Toronto Star article on the matter. 
The Globe and Mail’s story further claims that Israel’s ambassador to Canada, confirmed that Canada made the overture two months ago. 
It is likely purely co-incidental but that is about the time that Hussen started to publicly step away from the pilot project to regularize undocumentaed workers already in Canada. 
A large number of these who work in the construction and restaurant industry are Italian and Portuguese.
Hussen’s plan has no precedent in recent history, but a Minister of the Crown has no need of precedent – he/she can act on Ministerial discretion; provided the Prime Minister is supportive.
How these “failed refugee claimants”, whom the Israeli Supreme Court found to be “economic migrants”, managed to penetrate a country that is practically hermetically sealed is anyone’s guess.
The smell of money might be a clue. 
One of these claimants in a CBC TV report alleged that smugglers charged $10,000, but that Israelis were then reluctant to employ them.
Ironically, on Easter weekend, Palestinians in Gaza who conducted an anti-Israeli protest with rocks, slingshots and firecrackers against the might of Israeli defense Force (IDF) - and at the bloody cost of 16 dead and twenty injured - proved that one cannot easily “infiltrate” Israel. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu refers to the failed refugees as “infiltrators”.
Netanyahu, currently under investigation and facing charges of corruption in office, is prone to bluster and outright lying. 
This latest Palestinian uprising was a little too much. He decided to announce that Germany and Italy and another three Western nations were making plans to accommodate the prospective “deportees”.
According to a story in Italy’s largest daily newspaper, La Repubblica, on April 2, he seems to have neglected to advise the Italians and Germans of his plans. Over the last twenty-four months, Italy has accommodated over 400,000 Africans washed ashore along its Southern coastlines. They were all victims of people smugglers and slavers based primarily in Lybia.
Despite an economic crisis and rampant unemployment in Southern Italy, the government expended an estimated 12 billion Euros in search, rescue and integration programs to meet the challenge.
Germany (and the European Union) turned back a similar number of “migrants” after committing 4 billion Euro to Turkey to help in “resettling” them from whence they came - Syria and Iraq. Bibi Netanyahu’s inducement was an offer of 3,500 USD per infiltrator and a plane ticket back home – or to some country where, presumably, the money might help in the integration process.
Both Italy and Germany said they would not participate in a scheme in which they had not even been consulted. The other Western nations followed suit.
Not Canada’s Minister Hussen.  Himself a former refugee and [current] immigration lawyer, he was probably moved with empathy for people with whose plight he had intimate knowledge. Where there is a will, there is a …
When he was still a private citizen, Hussen co-operated with the then Canadian Jewish Congress to devise a mentorship program between Israelis and Africans desirous of transferring themselves to that tiny country. He probably did not expect that the project would balloon to 39,000 participants under someone else’s watch.

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