“Don Bosco is not an isolated problem”

di Joe Volpe del October 6, 2016

03letteraLetter to the Editor:

“Don Bosco is not an isolated problem”

by Romano Sapone


I commend the Corriere for defending our language rights north of Steeles Ave with the York Catholic District School Board.

Perhaps you should consider what is happening with the Toronto Catholic School Board (Tcdsb) south of Steeles?

My children went to Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. My nephews with the Tcdsb have been warning that, not just the Don Bosco community, but the entire Toronto Catholic board is imploding. There are simply not enough Catholic children in Toronto.

This past week, it was reported that Don Bosco high school has collapsed. It is being closed.

Shutting down schools is the first big step in degrading communities. Bad things happen when tax paying young parents leave. The remaining, older community faces the fear which accompanies falling property values, drugs and crime.

Don Bosco can hold 1,100 students. Today, there are 30 students in grade 11, 60 in grade 12. Grades 9 and 10 have been eliminated for lack of students. The Tcdsb is pretending that since overall board enrollment is up by 300 students, that Don Bosco is an isolated problem.

The bureaucrats at the Tcdsb are lying.

Poor immigration planning is the only reason for the Tcdsb’s problems.

Presently, the Tcdsb is being sustained by temporary immigration... legal and illegal.

Legal international students, mostly from Asia, pay big fees. But their parents are not here building the community, including the Catholic community.

Then there are the thousands of “illegal” children from Italy, Portugal and other Catholic countries. Their parents are building the community. But Ottawa will not let them stay legally. But, Ottawa does little to stop them from working illegally. So they stay illegally and send their “illegal” Catholic children to Bishop Morocco, Loreto College, Bishop Romero, St Mary’s etc.

Illegal Toronto families from Italy, Portugal and other Catholics are scared that they may be deported tomorrow. Scared people do not buy houses and pay mortgages around Don Bosco. They make good money but live, by more than 200,000, in rented basements along the Dufferin Street “illegal worker ghetto”.

Ottawa ignores the Catholic schools’ constitutionally guaranteed right of survival. The Tcdsbsubmissively plays Pontius Pilate by refusing to protect its constitutional rights. It’s easier to sit back and allow Ottawa bureaucrats to deport Toronto’s Catholic children. (These are the same Ottawa bureaucrats, who while denying the constitutional obligation guaranteeing Catholic school rights, always mange to find room for immigrants from former English and French colonies. Maybe the bureaucrats fear that illegal Catholic children will grow up and take away their children’s fancy, well paid jobs).

The Don Bocso community does not stand alone as a victim of Ottawa’s immigration nonsense.

It’s simply a matter of time before north of Steeles faces the decay which accompanies the closing of Catholic schools.

For a simple man, such as me, none of this makes any sense.

Perhaps the Corriere can ask Mr. Trudeau a simple question: “What benefit is there in sacrificing children, communities and the constitutional obligation to protect Catholic schools”?

(Thursday 6 October 2016)

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