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Cafone-in-chief.  Webster’s Dictionary will have to add this new word to the American Language, thanks to Vittorio Zucconi, journalist for la Repubblica, now resident in Washington D.C.

He had to dig really deep to come up with a “different” word to describe the latest gaffe or unexplainable deed or utterance from the Donald.

They have been all used up. The English language is running out of descriptive words to capture the President’s narcissistic insensitivity. Descriptive expletives and assorted profanities may be ok, but not for public application on serious matters discussed outside the confines of a scuzzy bar’s repository for biological effluence.

We are after all talking about polite society in the world’s richest, most powerful country. A certain “refinement” of language and conduct is generally considered mandatory.

Zucconi and other journalists were left scratching their heads by the Donald’s refusal to engage Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s in the ceremonial “hand-shake close” to a photo-op at the White House.

She was his guest. Her country is host to 38 American military bases (one scheduled for closing) – marshalling areas for some 60,000 US military personnel who support US policy in Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

A surly, fumbling Trump – the grandson of a German refugee – chose instead to pout and stay distant.

He is the Commander-in-chief, the Comandante in capo. The position demands something more than churlish, uncouth, boorish, unrefined, inward-looking, “hayseed” or oblivious and uncultured peasant behaviour … “cafonesco”,,. cafone, Zucconi must have thought.

Why not play on the language of the President’s most significant role to convey the character of the individual [now] entrusted with the task of leading the world’s most potentially destructive military machine. he wondered.

Voila’, “capo cafone”, “cafone comandante”, “cafone in capo” or better ... “cafone-in-chief”. It has a nice ring to it and bilingual at the same time.

Watch out Zucconi. Webster’s will not be the only people calling on you. 

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