Cabinet shuffle in Ottawa

di Redazione del January 10, 2017

It would have happened sooner or later, as these things go. Some people will be hugely disappointed, despite their hard work. Others who will have done everything to ingratiate themselves to the “powers that be” will be overjoyed.

Not everyone can be Minister. The Prime Minister and his Advisors are the ultimate decision-makers as to who is in and who is out. They determine who has “the right stuff”. There is not a test.

Those who follow the dynamics of “reporting” from Parliament Hill would have speculated about the imminent Cabinet Shuffle as soon as a former National Post columnist, now a writer for the Star, wrote that, in the event The Prime Minister would be looking to someone other than Stephane Dion to deal with the Trump Administration, Chrystia Freeland, the current International Trade Minister, would be an obvious choice. The formal announcement comes later today.

Stephane Dion will announce his departure from politics, possibly today. An unkind Press Gallery was already calling him a “prickly personality” one difficult for others to deal with. Not the type for incoming President Trump.

These types of decisions usually set off a domino effect that involves several “unsuspecting” or “anxious others”. Gone is the Minister for Human Resources. Her role may be being given to her colleague from Thunder Bay. Dion will be replaced by Francois-Phillippe Champagne in Cabinet. His role as yet uncertain.

John McCallum, the Minister for Refugees, will depart to take up an Ambassadorial post in China. He will be replaced by either Marco Mendicino or Adam Vaughan. Bill Blair and others may have to wait another turn.

The architecture of the Cabinet and the underlining gender parity dictates some choices that might otherwise be deferred. So also is the general lack of experience that an untested caucus brought as an offering for the PM. But this is what democratic elections produce in events like the 1984, 1993 and 2014 Canadian General Elections.

What the shuffle suggests is that the Trudeau government was content to just let things be in the post Harper defeat. But, the dynamics have changed. The government will be challenged going forward and some issues can no longer be left to solve themselves.

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The outcome of "Make America Great again"?
di Redazione il August 15, 2017
TORONTO - It is too easy to fall prey to the intellectual laziness inspired by the Trump Presidency. And too easy to come up trite statements about his competency in the job (questionable), about “what possessed us to vote for him” (some still admit that they did), about his confusion regarding issues of importance to the Commonwealth (does he care?), about the outcomes of his petulant, truculent megalomania (they matter!).
Countries and Leaders often painted as thuggish now look a little less so in the context of the vacuum in US leadership. And Leadership, among other privileges and responsibilities bestowed upon those who exercise it, involves the obligation to identify what is morally right, promote it and discourage what is clearly wrong.  
This is not a partisan argument.
Reflect for a moment on the troubles visited upon the Catholic Church for the perceived and real intransigence in the face of documented abuses. Or the condemnation heaped upon the Muslim societies because Islamic religious leaders seem incapable or unwilling to decry violent behaviour of some of their followers.
Who could have imagined that in the middle of a “world crisis with nuclear implications”, the man entrusted with the most crucial role in resolving it would not have the ability to see the rot emerging beneath his own feet. That he would not have the ability to seize the moment and act decisively at home, where citizens need to understand collective, strategic purpose.

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