Arrogance and Ignorance do not make for friendly neighbours: the New Villa Charities

di Redazione del July 5, 2017
Arrogance and Ignorance do not make for friendly neighbours: the New Villa Charities
The Hon. Joe Volpe, Publisher
TORONTO - The Community – Italian Canadians who “built” Villa Charities and its component parts, the local residents surrounding the campus that hosts it, the Seniors who rely on it and the Members (now conveniently called customers) -  is trying hard to take the Board of Directors and Staff of Villa Charities Inc (VCI) seriously. No, make that “trying to believe that there is an ounce of sincerity” in their dealings.
Unfortunately, the latter group seems insistent on flaunting their PHD earned at the “University of How to Make Enemies and Irritate People”. And, their well-deserved Diplomas in Presumption and Arrogance.
Take for example a letter dated June 23 and signed (no doubt after it had been approved by the Communications Branch and Legal Counsel) by the current CEO and President of VCI – fourth in the last 36 months.
He berates a publicly-elected MPP, Mike Colle, for choosing “to direct [his] concerns to the Minister without discussing the matter with us (VCI) first”. Incredible! A public figure needs to go to a private developer for permission to talk to a member of Cabinet about public monies being used as a linch-pin in a private, for-profit, real estate project.
There must be an elementary school graduate who was not asleep during Civics class who can give this CEO a primer in democratic institutions. Someone send out a search party. Do it before the Ontario Municipal Board makes a decision that would render the exercise redundant. And bring along a dictionary so that everyone can read from the same “playbook”.
The CEO says, “we respectfully maintain that the Columbus Centre is not being demolished”. Although a few days later, in an update, he says that demolition and construction is scheduled to begin in June 2018. 
The OMB has not yet set a date to hear their appeal., to which they plaintively claim entitlement, while contending “preference … to continue to work through the traditional channels and not the OMB”. Unless they get their way, one is left to conclude.
On the question of “tears” being shed, VCI claims that “select Italian media have impeded our efforts to deliver our message to the Italian community”. Boo Hoo. Start by answering phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion. Or, say something that actually resembles transparency, maybe even accountability, when you get around to it.
Seriously, though, who thought it would be a good idea to close off the letter with a [partial] quote citing a principal founder of Columbus Centre who long ago reputedly said, “we [are] committed to doing it come hell or high water”.
That’s comforting. What’s the point of the alleged consultation?

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