An up your nose with a rubber hose presidential victory

di Redazione del November 10, 2016

03vittoriastileAn up your nose with a rubber hose presidential victory

by The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO - So, it is finally done. The USA has just completed it quasi-interminable campaign to select a President for the following four years. In that process, it has defined itself to its citizenry and to the world.

Only Time will tell whether the choice is appropriate for USA. The selection process was, at the very least, protracted, penetrating and exhaustive. Is there something the public does not know about any of the candidates that started the race and end in a face-off between Clinton and Trump?

The issues are no longer about what “they were/are” but what Trump “will be”.

I am one of those who believes he has no restrictions on his “Going Forward”, not on policy and certainly not on process. Trump was both obstinate on crudeness of message and obdurate in the over-simplification of message when faced with demands to “face reality”.

On “ethics and morality”, his victory proves that neither apply in the marketplace or in politics (if they ever did). Mind you, some suggest that the same would have been true had Clinton emerged victorious.

Never has it been more obvious in North America that we have gone beyond the adage of “hate the sin but not the sinner” to one that glories in the “pleasures of the sin” – whatever that is. The scrutiny on personal conduct stressed the arcane examples of moral restrictions on behaviour, causing a discrediting of the “veils of hypocrisy for the good of the whole”.

No, I do not mean that Cynicism is now triumphant. By all appearances, the USA remains a profoundly “spiritually-morally”, conservative society. But these remain appearances.

The harsh reality of America is that it is first and foremost a material world.

Jobs, profit, entrepreneurialism, market economy, survival of the fittest still prevail. Everything and everybody is subordinate to that.

Trump, soon to be President Trump, is unburdened by any trappings of a sense of collective responsibility that he and he alone accepts as appropriate to any goal.

It serves little purpose to revisit “reasons” why Clinton lost and he did not. That may help academics who will strive to understand the “whys and wherefores” of days gone by. None of us walked in their shoes.

We will all walk the path to be paved by Trump in these next four years. Early indicators – and they are only that – suggest “the markets are nervous”. But they were after the Brexit vote. They are on the eve of the Referendum in Italy.

Some world leaders, including Prime Ministers of Canada and of Italy will face a bigger challenge than they might have had the result in the USA been different. Their domestic politics are more dependent on what happens in the USA than are those of other “players”.

They like us will have to adapt to another adage: “the king is dead; long live the king”.

(Thursday 10 November 2016)

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