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American Politics – the theatre of the absurd

American Politics – the theatre of the absurd

02americanaassurdoAmerican Politics – the theatre of the absurd

by The Hon. Joe Volpe, Publisher

TORONTO – The worst elements and stereotypes of politics gone wild have dominated the American presidential Primaries and election to date. Its been good from a quizzical, crazy character perspective. Who knew there were so many refugees from the insane asylum running loose?

A rich man with the ethics and morals of an alley cat is the premier spokesperson for “Christian Values”. Americans flock to his standard because “he tells it like it is”. One assumes that this means we should always speak whatever comes to mind no matter what that may be.

So, it has become acceptable to say inane and menacing things like,” we should take her out”, about your political opponent. Not on a date, mind you, but in an execution style setting. Your candidate cheers you on.

Your candidate screams out “rapists, criminals, drug dealers…” in respect of minorities (Mexicans, primarily) and you cheer him on. It’s like providing the motor-mouth with more octane.

He says round them up and send them back; his “followers” drag their knuckles to the next rally. He calls his opponent “crooked”, they respond with “lock her up”. He calls her actions criminal, his followers respond with an excitement that suggests they may be under the influence of drugs, drink or both.

They believe him when he says he’ll tear up the most successful trade deal ever signed by the USA, the Nafta. They don’t ask how or what might be the consequences.

American GDP has grown by about 63% (latest figures, 2014, 20 years after its signing), about par with the Canadian and Mexican growth of 66% and 65% respectively. No use in talking specifics like the fact that, while manufacturing jobs have decreased by five million, there are now 22% more jobs than there were in 1994.

The candidate, Trump, threatens to increase investment in American military, even though the next eleven military powers combined do not have a budget that currently equals the USA expenditures on military. But his followers want to make America great again.

There are more guns than people in the USA. He wants to preserve the right to bear arms. He incites anger against minorities, degrades women – except his own daughter, whom he would date if she wasn’t his daughter – heaps scorn on the competence of American military strategists in places around the world that he cannot even name. His popularity grows.

His language, even on the rare occasion when he can link together words into a complete sentence, is outrageous at best, defamatory, libellous and incendiary at all times.

Yet people are somehow enthralled by him. They might even pave the road to the White House for him.

(Friday 4 November 2016)

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