Alberta: Minister of “disaster in Immigration” is on his way

di Redazione del October 31, 2017
TORONTO - The far Right in Alberta now has seized control of the United Conservative Party. It now has a “new leader” to pit against the NDP government, Jason Kenney.
Yes, the same subject of ridicule in the pages of the Corriere, which first dubbed him as Minnie Mouse, for his Disney-esque approach to Immigration policy and the absolute mess he created in the Department. 
He slammed the door shut on Portuguese potential migrants seeking work in Canada’s booming construction sector, forcing them and their employers into an “underground” labour arrangement that created an army of undocumented workers whose families face the threat of deportation daily. Depending on which government official is willing to talk “off-the-record”, the number of “illegal”, “undocumented” workers in Canada is anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000.
The number includes thousands of Italian and Polish workers. There is no room for them here, even as they leave their countries of origin in the thousands. Kenney insisted they prove a level of competency in the English language on par with that of a Master’s graduate from Cambridge University before they could apply their skills here.
No such criteria, by the way, are imposed by Britain if these same migrants want to go to England. They do – [Kenney’s] Canada has slammed the door shut in their face.
The Corriere Canadese could have called him a borderline racist, instead, it questioned why he issued Ministerial instructions to his Department so that they NOT apply the mandated “substitutive evaluation” in cases where the ability to do the work, notwithstanding linguistic deficiencies, would warrant the issuance of a visa, as the law clearly requires.
Kenney responded with a veiled threat to sue. One of his servile acolytes promptly executed the threat.
Kenney’s cavalier approach to “equity and fairness for all” did not prevent him from exercising his discretion to grant Conrad Black a Visa to re-enter Canada. Mr. Black was ineligible for entry. He had abandoned his citizenship [to become a Lord in Britain] and is a convicted felon who has served time in jail in both the USA and Canada. But his English language skills are better than those of Kenney.
None of Kenney’s successors have seen fit to rectify this imbalance. Their choice.
Kenney, an ardent admirer of the Right Wing in the US Republican Party, can now pursue his dream of getting closer to his real heroes: the Koch brothers who, with their billions finance far Right research and thought in the US. They also own or control an estimated 20% of Alberta’s Oil fields.
Jason will be a useful tool for their interests. 

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