A Country Mourns a Senseless Killing of its Citizens

di Redazione del February 1, 2017
TORONTO - It turns out that Alexandre Bissonnette is not a Muslim terrorist. Just a misguided murderer -  by early indicators, a troubled right wing extremist sympathizer.
His mind was not clouded by some religious, “superstitious thoughts” or dated rituals. But, his victims are just as dead as if their assassin were a fundamentalist executioner. Their families, just as innocent, and their lives just as destroyed.
At least he surrendered himself and the public did not have to be subjected to further negative speculation of who would commit such a heinous and hateful crime.
In the context of the “Trump-liberated” climate of religious/racial suspicion, the finger-pointing was all too convenient, and troubling.
Now we know who was the trigger man. We do not have to rely on the investigative practices of the Suretè de Quebec, which is ill equipped to delve into these types of criminal behaviour.
A very humbled and grieving Premier, Philip Couillard, sorrowfully and regretfully acknowledged that the society he heads also has “its devils, like xenophobia, exclusion and intolerance”.
It is a powerful admission coming from the leader of one of the most secular yet most inward-looking cultures in the Western World.
He should be complimented for the admission. It renders his expressions of condolences to and solidarity with “ relative newcomers” a little more sincere.
The Corriere Canadese extends its heartfelt condolences and offers its prayers for the families of the killed and injured.
Theirs is an involuntary sacrifice no one should ever have to make in a civilized society. 

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