What happens when a School Board fails?

di Joe Volpe del February 21, 2019

TORONTO - School Boards in Ontario have now had 20 years of experience with EQAO, the assessment of abilities of school-age children in grades three and six against provincial standards set for those grades in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

EQAO is an arms-length creature of the Provincial government whose task it is to assist the various Boards to set realistic strategic academic goals in the educational development of their students.

Essentially, students are tested in threeyear intervals to see how close to the provincial standard they perform and, second, to furnish the individual schools and their teachers with a snapshot of how well they are meeting student needs. Schools (and students) are rated out 4, with 3 being the provincial standard.

Schools that achieve that standard are given a rating of 7.6 out of ten and classified with the colour GREEN. Those which achieve a rating between 7.5 and 6.0 are designated as YELLOW. They require attention. Some schools perform rather poorly, between 5.9 and 4.1. These are designated ORANGE. Those below 4 are RED.

The Fraser Institute ranks all schools in Ontario that participate in the EQAO (3,046) against each other.

The Corriere Canadese used this ranking to compare six Catholic District School Boards in the Golden Horseshoe. The Toronto Catholic, lead by Chair Maria Rizzo and Vice-Chair Michael Del Grande, fared the worst. Readers asked for similar comparisons of the “public” district co-terminus Boards.

You can see attached charts (published on our today's newspaper) ranking the Boards, with the first being the one that has the greatest percentage of Green and so on.

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