“We will not be stripped of our humanity…” 

di Joe Volpe del October 23, 2020

TORONTO - It is not the only theme organizers of the October 17 event at Dundas Square, Toronto, highlighted. The target was/ were three levels of government and the CBC – their “collaborator” – in the biggest socio-politicaleconomic faced by Canadians in this century. To suggest that demonstrators who, in their thousands packed the Square, were defiant would be an understatement.

Their descriptive, often salty, vocabulary spared no individual in position of authority for “actions” we can best describe, in paraphrasing, as authoritarian, exceeding jurisdiction and curbing of individual freedoms and rights.

All this took place in staid Toronto, where except for occasions where Mary Jane and her companion experts in the collateral effects of alcohol take their studies to public parks to conduct their experiments, things are calm and polite.

But that speaks to the claim that the organizers, the Constitutional Rights Centre, and their lawyer, none other than Constitutional expert Rocco Galati, advance with such vehemence: that governments have surreptitiously, and/or “illegally” stripped our parliamentary institutions of their roles and arrogated to themselves emergency powers justification for which is the “advice from medical experts”.

He does not mince words, and, on constitutionality, he knows whereof he speaks.

Readers can access visual of the event through our website (corriere. com). If you are wondering why all those protestors were not jailed or fined to the max for “illegal assembly”, Mr. Galati’s offered that he was consulting with his “clients”, as was/is his and their right.

Earlier in the year, on their behalf he filed a lawsuit against the governments of Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford and John Tory for their overreach of powers, and against the CBC for participating uncritically in a disinformation strategy that has brought our economy to its knees and resulted in the nearly total abrogation our freedom of movement and assembly.

The Appellants in his suit claim that consequently we have lost the enjoyment of all rights normally accruing to us as human beings.

The paranoia that the Defendants have spread have made us all fearful of kissing or hugging our children – even when/where permissible. Mr. Galati and the Centre denigrate the “accordion- like” advice of the medical experts whose “confusion” on the science of the virus and mastery over the significance of epidemiological data related to evidence of its presence and consequences is daily on display. He/they reserve special derision for Dr. Theresa Tam for her advice on how to perform sexual acts (nota bene: US Journalist and legal expert is su.ering great embarrassment after having been publicly exposed for following that advice literally).

This is a serious topic, unfortunately, because we, like all agnostics - and atheists – may, as Benedetto Croce, the twentieth century philosopher, deny the existence of God, but ask for Extreme Unction at our deathbed… just in case we are wrong.

Mr. Galati and clients also target Bill Gates and others like him who will earn mega billions of dollars on a vaccine if, and when, it is discovered and proved effective.

In the meantime, whether in Court or in the Laboratory, we have been reduced to doing what we can to stay safe and stay healthy – the answer is not “just around the corner”.

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