A perverse group of community representatives!

di Joe Volpe del June 26, 2018

TORONTO «Errare humanum est; perseverare diabolicus est». The VCI Inc Board, on Valentine’s Day, saw its Condominium project at Dufferin and Lawrence collapse when the Provincial Minister of Education withdrew funds.

The project had been predicated on the sale and demolition of the Columbus Centre to a deceitful accomplice, the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). When the Purchase and Sale Agreement between VCI and the TCDSB was made public, the extent of the smoke and mirrors and outright duplicity perpetrated by both partners was shocking.

For $22.5 million, in 2015, TCDSB bought, conditional on the final approval of the Ministry of Education, the Columbus Centre. It required that VCI deliver the property to be construction-ready. In layman’s terms, razed to the ground and rubble removed.
Signatures to the contract included Pal Di Iulio, President and CEO for VCI at the time. When the members of the Columbus Centre Athletic and Social clubs complain or dereliction of duty by the landlord to its members they could point to the date on the Agreement as the beginning of their complaints.

Was it in anyone’s interest to pay for the upkeep of building and services that everyone knew were not going to be around by June 2018?
When Di Iulio was replaced, matters at VCI went “from frying pan into fire” mode. His successors distinguished themselves by their haughty, arrogant indifferent disposition towards the public and the users of the Centre.
Their current CEO has made it a point to be publicly crude, boorish. The Chair operates as if he were an anointed one. But he has a prickly temperament. After attempting to wrest my cellphone from my hand he accused me of assaulting him. What a child!
This group is talking about revisioning – a quasi-admission of the failure of their reimagine campaign. They are hoping to convince newly elected Premier Ford to reverse the decision of the former government.

To that end, a select group of VCI Board members gave themselves a one-year extension on their mandate. It’s is not clear that they had
the authority to do so. They must, however, feel some embarrassment; not one of the attendees at the meeting wanted to identify herself or himself. You can see for yourself by going to corriere.ca and click on the video.

It is a busy group. Public view terminals at the Toronto Courthouse last June 7 showed no less than 19 civil suits filed against VCI. To think this organization once was the “go to reference point” for the Italian Canadian community.

The newly-elected MPP, Robin Martin, sent out a letter, prior to election day, committing to abide by the previous government’s decision re the Columbus Centre.
She didn’t say that the VCI Board should just resign. That’s what is on everyone’s mind.

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