Two weights two measures: equality rights according to Minister Lecce

di Joe Volpe del November 8, 2020

There must be something in the water in Vaughan. Their MPP, Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce will ignore the rights of mothers and Catholics but jump hurdles if LGBTQ2+ radicals ask him “to slap down” School Trustees who dare voice support for Catholic values in the Catholic District School Board.
At their insistence (three of them, at least one from Vaughan), he took the highly irregular and unusual step of publicly calling on the Toronto Catholic District School Board to reopen a Board decision made of finding that one of their Trustees, Michael Del Grande, had NOT breached Trustee Code of Conduct with his choice of words and metaphors during a debate on gender expression and gender identity, and general debate underlying sexual moral code.
He allegedly called the Board and said, “reopen and change the decision”. Normally, it is illegal for one level of government to threaten or constrain another duly democratically constituted jurisdiction to act in a particular fashion. Most especially if any complainants unhappy with the decision have an alternative recourse. Maybe the good citizens who voted for Minister Lecce labour under a peculiar concept of due process.
For instance, two mothers of school-aged children resident in Etobicoke had reason to object to the harassment and verbal abuse that their Trustee, Markus de Domenico, heaped on them, following it up with insensitive public ridicule on his twitter feed.
No one came to their aid when they filed official complaints and tried to plead for the respect they felt the School trustees should have for their values, and for their right to be free from harassment from their elected official. No investigators. The Board, met, decided, and goodbye.
Corriere Canadese obtained email records of the communications. Here is a small sample of De Domenico’s contempt for his Catholic constituents: “Yeah those ‘Catholic values’ of hate and bigotry… I don’t look to those trustees you admire for any guidance…take your hate and go away. You need help. Don’t contact me again or you will be issued a cease and desist letter from our legal department.”
The mothers turned to the Ombudsman and to the Interim Integrity Commissioner (IIC) for review. The Ombudsman has yet to deliver a definitive decision. The now former IIC responded on August 5th that she had no jurisdiction preceding confirmation of her mandate (July 28) besides, …”Once the Board has made its decision, the only recourse is for a judicial review to the Divisional Court of Ontario (emphasis are mine).
Mr. De Domenico does not appear to share either their family values or their respect for due process. He is co-leader (with Maria Rizzo) in a vicious campaign against Mr. Del Grande and Catholic orthodoxy. Allegations of his ineligibility to stand for office are legion. He has reached out to the LGBTQ2+ for support.
They reached out to Kathleen Wynne (Liberal?) and Stephen Lecce (Conservative). What do they have in common? An intolerance for a Catholicism that advocates a lifestyle different from theirs. And apparently a disrespect for “judicial process”. Wynne made serious allegations under the immunity provisions of the Legislature. And Lecce; has he sought legal advice?

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