Tuesday’s Usa debate: one winner, 338 million losers

di Joe Volpe del October 1, 2020

TORONTO - Make that number 400 million - the combined population of England and the USA. The English-speaking political power-houses are smitten with a terminal disease that makes them seemingly incapable of selecting leaders who are either aspirational or inspirational.

Only last week, Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, felt he needed to offer a “scientific explanation” for the rampant spread of the Covid-19 virus in Her Majesty’s Isles by referencing that, unlike Italians, the Queen’s subjects like their “liberty”.

No, demurred Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s venerable President, Italians prefer their Liberty with a dose of seriousness. He did not suggest that the English suffer from excessive “Bozo eruptions”.

There was one continuous such “eruption” in what passed for a Presidential debate in the USA. Is there no one left in the USA capable of doing a Google meaning of “serious” or possessed of sufficient literacy skills to comprehend expressions of the word? Has America descended so low?

Yet there is no shortage of “luminaries” in the halls of Academia. The lack of civil, informed discourse in the US of A must be the end result of total, grunt, indifference to building a culture with values that transcend the need to slurp slop, and imbibe moonshine.

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