Toronto Catholic District School Board – A failure to lead

di Ynot del February 12, 2019

TORONTO - In a democracy you elect the representation you deserve, or you deserve what you chose.

Our children cannot choose their parents or those who act in their place, in loco parentis. When we send them o¦ to school, we expect that they are nurtured in the qualities we value as a society and the skills they need to function to their [hopefully limitless] potential.

Alas, it doesn’t always work out that way. Some jurisdictions seem to be better at providing the necessary services than others.

Yesterday, we pointed out that, according to objective data compiled by the Education Quality Assessment Organization (a third party, government-funded, body that evaluates student performance at three- year interval, the Toronto Catholic District School Board is struggling to deliver quality outcomes.

75, of their 155 schools where students in grades three and six were tested, received a failing grade or one that placed them in an “orange” category - designating danger of failing (where students achieved a score ranging from 4.1 to .5.9 out of ten).

Only 74 of the schools achieved the provincial media score of 6.1 The graphic chart N. 1, above, should worry any parent with children in the school system.

Maria Rizzo, Chair of the TCDSB, does not appear to hold EQAO results in high regard, as we pointed out yesterday. Perhaps it has something to do with the result of the schools in her own Ward. Only one school, Saints Cosmas and Damian merited a score in the green column – and it ranked 446 out of 3,046 in the province.

Seven of the eighteen schools in the ward performed at below the provincial median. One had an outright failure. Poor kids! Five of her schools ranked as follows out of 3,046: 2,100; 2,263; 2,315; 2,400 and 2,711. We won’t name this last school. Call Chair Rizzo. She is at the top of the TCDSB pyramid; if anyone can influence monies spent on strategies for student improvement, she would be the one. As parents, we know that success breeds success.

The opposite is also true, unless remedial action is applied. The chart N. 1 illustrates the results of that school ranked #2711. Take your eyes to year 2014 Grade three level in each of the areas of study: reading, writing and math.

Follow them to the grade six column under year 2017, when those students were next tested. Not only is there no improvement, there is a decline in quality of results.

The numbers for 2018 don’t inspire much more confi - dence, even if there is a glimmer of improvement among grade sixers in 2018 – they are still in the “red” category. Where is Chair Rizzo’s focus? Provide a physical structure for another school in her ward which ranked 1921 out of 3046 in Ontario.

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