The United States of America: A Sick, Sick, Sick Culture

di Joe Volpe del 1 June 2020

TORONTO - The number of people who think it would be a good idea to travel to the USA must surely be shrinking, by the day – if not by the hour. If it loses its military might and its economic clout (ephemeral assets), does the country and its society have anything to o«er to the rest of us?

Judging by the looting, burning, and pillaging and generally anarchic behaviour of [some] disparate populations around the country after the killing, by the police, of a citizen being apprehended by that same police in Minneapolis, one would think not.

There should never be an acceptable excuse for killing another human being. Full stop.

Western societies have drilled into their civilizations the concept of Law and the right to due process. It is what differentiates them from “the wild west” mentality that rewards amoral, ruthless, disregard for the human dignity of others. But it is an on-going challenge.

One imagines that protesters in Minneapolis and other cities across the USA “have taken to the streets”, so to speak, to drive home the point law enforcement agencies exist to defend our human rights, protect our human dignity before the Law and to guarantee the freedom and liberties of all citizens before that Law - equally.

From safe vantage point, outside of the USA borders, the mayor of Minneapolis stands in stark contrast to the president of his country in the approach to restoring “peace, order and good government”. The former pleads frantically for co-operation from the only ones who can put a stop to the mayhem, while his President muses that when “the looting starts, the shooting starts”.

The protesters do not seem to have a specific agenda to which the mayor and others can respond. We should all combat Racism. It is a daily obligation of all citizens.

Does willful destruction of your neighbour’s property or other threats to the enjoyment of his/her liberties enhance that obligation?

Images of the general mayhem do not do much to inspire confidence in the protesters and their advocacy for a better world. Not if safety and security are offered as a counterbalance.

Yet, a country in which, as of the weekend, close to 30% of all Covid-19 deaths worldwide occurred, in one state/city alone over 1,000 arrests took place to prevent further violence. Not, for example, because people were looking for a way to develop effective immunities to a killer disease or to provide a cure for it.

How ironic that the message to the world should be: the USA is repressing its citizens because they believe, like Mao Zedong 70 years ago, that justice is to be found in the barrel of a rifle, or like Bolsheviks over 100 years ago that Molotov cocktails are preferable to the Rule of Law.


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