“The quality of mercy is not strained”… Shakespeare, from The merchant of Venice

di Joe Volpe del December 20, 2018

TORONTO - Perhaps, Justin Trudeau’s trio of Musketeers on Immigration and Removals (Ministers Ahmed Hussen, Ralph Goodale and Bill Blair) could profit from a re-reading of the Bard’s dramatic production.

Or at the very least, from a briefing note summarizing Portia’s dissertation on the rights of Shylock in Court. To demonstrate they mean business on “fake” refugee claimants, (specifically, false asylum seekers using the USA as a staging area) the Trudeau Trio is brandishing its iron fist of insensitivity to “crush” those “illegally among us”.

The most integrated and the most vulnerable: families with children – some of them even born here. Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has ramped up its “removals” activity so that it can meet the Government’s political need to process some 5,900 removals before the end of this fiscal year, March 31, only on the GTHA's area.

According to an official not authorized to speak on the record, no additional funds were made available to recruit and train additional staff to process this new target.

Moreover, “the threat to the integrity of the system” is actually being served by the Refugee-determination process, in which the US asylum seekers are well schooled, and, under which they are assured “cover” for typically 18-24 months.

Longer if their legal-aid lawyer can help it. But we are already in election mode. So, to meet their quota of deportees, CBSA has started removals, deportation, against families of undocumented workers instead. These are Visa overstays, “ghost workers”, or in some cases families who were denied Permanent Residency under the Humanitarian and Compassionate category – the “mercy” test. Neither the Neves family nor the Demitri were able to “pass that test”.

They have never seen their arbiter. That adjudicator is a faceless functionary who may speak to a lawyer or read their submission. In the case of Ariana Neves, only a Court order stopped an over-zealous Ralph Goodale from deporting the family. His officials were following up on an insensitive, not medically-trained, adjudicator’s assessment of her condition.

She, her husband Bruno and two children left Brazil after an assassin pulled up before them as they were about to cross the street and killed a man standing beside them. The children were traumatized, as was Ariana. The murder rate in their province is 58.49/100,000, compared to Ontario’s 1.74/100,000.

Bruno took his family to the GTA, where he has family and where he found employment. They began the due and costly process to remain as permanent residents.

The Government denied them at every turn. Last summer, Ariana miscarried due to the anxiety brought on by the threat of deportation. Too bad, said Goodale; so sad, echoed Hussen. Got to go.

Goodale is from Saskatchewan. Hussen, is a former refugee who roamed freely in Canada, for four years, without proper documentation prior to receiving permanent residency, comes from Somalia, where the murder rate is barely 6.2/100.000. Goodale has the legal authority to stay removals. So does Hussen, who alone has authority to grant status.

They are spending your dollars and mine to deport honest, working people and their children. Gabriele and Claudia Demitri and their four children – two of them Canadian born – are another such family.

Gabriele is a former electronics expert and undercover agent investigating transborder criminal organizations. Claudia a cook. When Gabriele’s cover was blown, the family sought refuge elsewhere in Europe, then Canada. They made all the appropriate requests, filled out all the required documentation; went through all the steps and costly appeals.

A Humanitarian and Compassionate examiner, writing from Vancouver found them not credible. He cited as support for his “understanding” of the dynamics in Italy a newspaper from the UK.

Not one from Italy; not even our own Corriere Canadese. Goodale’s office refuse to intervene, saying this was a case of “grant of status”. Hussen, who has a significant Portuguese-speaking and Italian- speaking constituency, also declined to intervene, saying this was a “removals issue”, therefor Goodale’s bailiwick.

Meanwhile, Minister Bill Blair, who now has carriage of the asylum- seekers issue and their removal, has found good use for the monies he has been allocated to effect removals of these asylum seekers.

The government of Canada will pay up to $25,000 per household for all the families in the border towns who have been “inconvenienced” by the comings and goings prompted by the asylum seekers passing through their towns.

At last count, according to the Citizenship and Immigration website, these illegals numbered about 33 per day from all provinces, average over the last 18 months. Meanwhile, an average of 140, 000 “illegals” per year have washed ashore in Italy over the last three years. 400,000 others in Germany over the same period. Mr. Trudeau and his troika of defenders of the integrity of the system appear to have replaced mercy with myopia.

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