"The Justin Trudeau show
everyone once loved in 2015
has fallen apart"

di corriere canadese del 10 June 2022

TORONTO – We received a letter from a reader, Michelina (last name with held). We publish it entirely.

Mr. Prime Minister, 

Your puppeteers put on a great show. Unfortunately, like most things today, your handlers took inspiration from the Ancient Greek tradition of puppeeting and appropriated it for their needs – to put on a show, attract audiences of fickle minded adults and build the story of their next great Emperor.  Greece fell to the Romans.  Perhaps your handlers should have looked further into and studied the strategy and techniques of the story telling that made puppeting a global phenomenon that lasted well into the early 19th century.

The travelling Sicilian ‘Opera dei Pupi” of the early 13th century was adored for its creation of intricately designed characters, and singing voices. They successfully travelled throughout Europe and the middle east with their productions.  They drew adoring faithful audiences wherever they went. It is now on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Carlo Collodi, in the 1880’s created the most famous puppet story of all time – The story of Pinocchio.  Originally written as the story of the boy, mischievous, no rules, no regard for others and lack of morals. He befriends two animals – the cat and the fox- two scoundrels who use him for their own purposes, bring him what he wants – fast friends and glory- to only  leave him hanging- literally in the end.

Collodi wrote that story as a lesson for children during the time of Italian unification.  To earn respect, is to collaborate, work hard and build something good together.  Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio is on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural.

Mozart enjoyed the marionette shows so much so that, as a child, that he composed full operas for adult marionette shows. The marionette theatre is still thriving in Austria and Czech Republic. Mr. Prime Minister, where are your creators now?

The Justin Trudeau show everyone once loved in 2015 has fallen apart. Your Ministry of Immigration and Passport is in utter chaos. Does anyone know what they are doing? Canada’s main International Airport in Toronto is a disaster, disorganized, and filthy. It is the laughing stock of the world – UNESCO might create a new list for such man made entities. I wouldn’t suggest you try to make that list.

The cost of living has increased drastically; simple groceries are unaffordable for many Canadians- and your government laughs it off.  You gave away CERB cheques for free two years ago. It was more cost effective to stay home than to work. Now, you are spending resources to “hunt down” those who should never have received it.

The truck convoy debacle on Parliament Hill happened because you decided to invoke the Emergency Act – who did you think was applauding? Our American neighbours do not seek you out for any discussions regarding trade, resources or economic development. If they do, it is just a formality, as your Foreign Trade Minister and her team of negotiators do all the good work for Canadian interests.

The show is over.  Your puppeteers left the building.  Nobody is left cheering. It seems you have been playing with and played by the famous Cat and Fox duo.

Pope Francis, and the global media crew are coming through the now Famous Pearson International Airport/Theatre at the end of July ; do us all a favour before that- end the show and allow the clean up to start. We are no longer interested in what you are selling.

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